Shelf Life

Berry Plastics has released a nine-layer film material said to protect dry foods better and more economically than conventional films.

Berry Plastics film keeps edibles high and dry

By Jenni Spinner

Berry Plastics has engineered a nine-layer film material to protect cereals and snacks against moisture, reportedly with a lighter weight than conventional films.

Rotten fruit.

Food packaging waste claims misleading

By Jenny Eagle

The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) has dismissed claims packaging contributes to waste and says the message is misleading because more resources are used in creating a product rather than packaging it.

Healthy reformulation of baked goods will always have compromises, whether on taste and texture, shelf life or even cost, says Leatherhead's formulation expert


Minimizing compromise in healthy bakery reformulation

By Kacey Culliney

Reducing salt, sugar or fat in baked goods will always mean compromises so it’s important to ensure these concessions are minimal, says Leatherhead’s formulation expert.

Barriers such as OxyRx from Mullinix are designed to increase food shelf life while protecting flavor.


Mullinix: Busy lives call for better barriers

By Jenni Spinner

A Mullinix Packages executive advises the lifestyles of today’s time-crunched, demanding consumers calls for food packaging with longer shelf life and quality-guarding properties.

Brian Porter

Plastic packaging is winning the war on food waste

By Brian Porter

‘Think about your recent excursion to the grocery store and the changes in every aisle. Fresh chicken in vacuum-sealed plastic pouches. Pasta packaged in flexible film. And that jelly jar? It’s not a jar anymore. It’s a plastic squeeze bottle.