New packages deliver longer shelf life for seafood

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New packaging for fresh fish and other seafood extends its life by up to 21 days, improves safety while retaining its flavour, shape and product appearance, claims the manufacturer Hefestus, Israel.

The packaging features the company’s SLB shelf life booster technology designed to extend the shelf life of sealed trays with modified atmosphere technology (MAP). The SLB system can achieve residual oxygen levels of less than one per cent more quickly than current MAP systems, claims the company.

The new packaging achieves significantly better results than vacuum packing, claims the company. “One of the problems in vacuum packaging is the resultant look and feel of the product, especially with seafood and fish that have very sensitive texture,” ​explains Oded Shtemer, the company’s president and CEO.

Seafood processors

“Hefestus’ SLB technology overcomes this problem, allowing seafood processors to provide consumers with fresh and nutritious seafood products that retain their natural look,”​ he added.

Highly susceptible to oxidation and degradation, fish and other seafood are often treated with thermal processing methods such as cooling, ice — which requires special drainage and handling processes to avoid pathogenic contamination — or vacuum-packing with special equipment.

Hefestus claims that its new packaging allows manufacturers and marketers to transport fresh seafood products to distant destinations without compromising quality standards such as product odour and appearance. “Seafood quality can change dramatically along the supply chain from the fisherman to the consumer or the restaurant,”​ said Shtemer. “The bottom line with Hefestus’ SLB technology is fewer returns and significant savings.”

Short shelf life

Although the health benefits of fish and seafood are increasing, says the company, consumers often resist buying fresh seafood due to its short shelf life. It believes its new packaging can remedy that problem.

Hefestus also believes that the longer shelf life of its packages will help restaurants and retailers maintain efficient stocks of fresh fish and seafood at minimum cost.

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