NPD: The viral Snackle Box and how to fill it

From trending bachelorette-inspired boxes on TikTok to Amazon’s new take of the traditional woven picnic basket, the portable snack box has gone overboard. But there’s an art to filling it.

Increasing fibre intake to reduce disease and obesity

Paid for and content provided by Limagrain Ingredients introduce on the European market LifyWheat, a smart solution to fill the dietary fibre gap!

Improving nutrition: The fibre revolution in the bakery aisle

Across Europe, fibre consumption falls behind health recommendations. How can bakery products raise their fibre content without sacrificing taste or texture?

Rising above with NPD: The new dough-mains of healthier bread

The humble staple has been a part of the fabric of life since the Neolithic era, rising to an everyday essential during the 19th Century with the advent of industrial milling processes. Fast forward a century and it was unfairly tarred with negative health...

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