Wine packaging revolutionised

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A brand of wine packaged in Tetra Prisma 500ml packaging has been
launched in the US. This is the first wine to packaged in this way,
and the company behind it believes it offers consumers greater
convenience and freshness.

Distributor Canandaigua Wine entered into a partnership with Tetra Pak to develop the packaging for Almaden Red Sangria in 2001. After extensive shelf life testing, package integrity trials and consumer testing, the companies believe that they have developed the ideal product for consumers who enjoy wine and a fast-paced lifestyle.

"We combined Almaden's spirit of innovation and Tetra Pak's packaging expertise to create a lifestyle oriented product that delivers quality, convenience and an exciting new direction for the wine industry,"​ said Diana Pawlik, brand manager, Almaden Vineyards. "This combination was designed to create a new taste experience that would attract a broader range of adult wine consumers."

Pawlik believes that the grab-and-go convenience of the Almaden Red Sangria 500 ml Tetra Prisma is ideal for consumers who want a simple and portable way to enjoy wine. Tetra Pak's octagonal-shaped Tetra Prisma is a shatterproof package with an easy open pull-tab that is claimed to offer serving convenience that delivers superior freshness and optimal flavour quality.

"Canandaigua Wine and Tetra Pak conducted consumer research that demonstrated exceptionally high interest in this innovative packaging concept. Both overall appeal and purchase intent scores for the design of the package exceeded industry benchmark targets,"​ said Pawlik.

Canandaigua Wine, is rolling out the new product to major chains and convenience stores such as Wal-Mart and 7-Eleven in the US.

Crown Speciality Plastics Europe, an affiliate of Crown Holdings has also just launched an interesting wine packaging innovation. The division has developed a synthetic stopper that is claimed to be superior to traditional cork stoppers.

"Synthetic stoppers have distinct advantages over traditional cork products,"​ said the unit's account director David McFadyen. "With these stoppers, there is no risk of product taint, no dust, and no glue. The frustration that comes with crumbling or broken corks is also eliminated."

The top plate of the stopper can be custom moulded with colours and logos to enhance brand image and recognition. Because there is no deterioration over time, synthetic stoppers also ensure product integrity and a very long shelf life. Shank diameters have been designed to suit either a 17.5-mm or 18.5-mm glass bore.

Crown's synthetic stoppers are constructed from three pieces, incorporating a polystyrene top plate and housing with a shank composed of EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate). The shank is ribbed to lock into corresponding ribbing on the inside of the closure housing to ensure consistent, reliable opening and access to product.

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