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PreScouter has identified 11 companies which offer smart packaging technologies. Photo: PreScouter.

PreScouter research report

‘Which smart packaging technologies are readily available in 2018’

By Jenny Eagle

Amcor’s MaXQ digital system, EVRYTHNG and ScanTrust Internet of Things (IoT), Smartglyph and MagicAdd are just some of the technologies identified by PreScouter research, which has led to readily available smart packaging in 2018.

Is your favorite brand of chips more whiff than crunch? Pic: ©GettyImages/Angyee054

How much air is in your bag of chips?

By Keilah Keiser

Many a consumer has experienced the disappointment of opening a bag of chips only to find it’s filled with air. Keilah Keiser, a content marketing specialist based in San Diego, questions why the need for so much space?