Compact and quick - the Newton oven from Europa

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Europa, the Italy-based company that specialises in the production
of ovens for the bread making, pizza, pastry and biscuit making
industries has unveiled a new range of convection ovens, the most
popular of which are the 5T and its larger counterpart the 10T,
primarily aimed at reducing baking time.

The new range of convection ovens, called Newton, has been designed to take advantage of a number of recent technological and scientific advances in this field, such as the automation of airflows. The company claims that the ovens are suited both to the baking and confectionery industries.

A regular feature of contemporary ovens is the increasing amount of traditional baking techniques that are becoming automated to ensure no error is made. For example, the Newton range allows bakers to automatically control the moisture levels in dough mixes, as well as offering a manual control option for controlling humidity, among other elements.

The ovens havee a computerised digital panel which allows for ease of use, while a hand-held remote control caters for the less literate IT users.

For any manufacturer, space is becoming an increasingly important factor when choosing new equipment, with most trying to keep floorspace to a minimum to reduce costs. With this in mind, the Newton range has been kept as small as possbile - the 5T measures 1040mm in width, 850mm in depth and 700mm in height, whilst the larger model, the 10T, is of the same width and depth, but is somewhat taller at 1050mm.

Established in 1990, Europa​ produces a range of different oven models and lines for the bakery and confectionery industries.

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