SIG meets new packaging requirements for UK baker

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SIG Doboy Linium has supplied Manor Bakeries, the UK producer of Mr
Kipling brand cakes, with two packaging lines at its Stoke on Trent
facility. The new lines were designed to provide flexibility for
future changes and to meet requirements for a new line of flow wrap

A new packaging style and the need for a future-proofed production linemeant British manufacturer Manor Bakeries selected SIG Doboy Linium machinesfor its market leading Mr Kipling brand.

Manor Bakeries, the UK producer of Mr Kipling brand cakes and Cadbury's MiniRolls, has installed two SIG Doboy packaging lines at its Stoke on Trentfacility in the UK. The new lines, claim SIG Doboy Linium, have enabled the company to stay ahead ofits competition with a more convenient new packaging style and have replacedexisting hand loaded wrappers.

Previously wrapped with six individual cake slices within a single tray, thenew packaging enables the wrapping of slices in three twin packs. This notonly allows the cakes to stay fresher once opened, but also provides aconvenient pack for picnics and school lunches.

Manor Bakeries called its new packaging initiative "Project Fresh" andconsidered a number of different flow wrappers before deciding on the SIGsolution. It was the SIG Doboy Linium machines that were eventually selected because they afforded a compact, modular design.

Project engineering manager, Ron Spence, explained that, "The cake market is constantly changing and the investment in the wrapping line also had to meet future requirements. The flexibility of the SIG line, provided by its modular nature, met these requirements."

After commissioning, SIG worked with Manor Bakeries' engineers to change thesealing jaws. This improved efficiency by reducing the downtime caused by misaligned products. It proved to be a very simple change to make, with very little disruption to the production flow.

The SIG Doboy Linium machines run through the night and pack up to 240 packs a minute, faster than the original specification from Manor Bakeries. Inuse, the machines have met with approval from operators who have found the PC based control of the machine very easy to master. Maintenance has also been minimised due to the ease with which the machine can be accessed for cleaning, SIG Doboy Linium said.

Throughout production, lines are frequently changed, particularly in the run up to Christmas, when up to six different products can be run in any 24 hour period.

According to Manor Bakeries, the new twin packed cake slices have been extremely well received by the public, helping to maintain the Mr Kiplingbrand's market leadership.

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