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High fibre snacks take the lead

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High fibre snacks take the lead

Dietary fibres offer a broad range of health benefits. An adequate intake of dietary fibres is essential to promote general health and to prevent several chronic diseases. A daily fibre intake of 25-30 g reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer 15 to 30%.

However, there is still a large gap to fill between the recommended and the actual intakes of dietary fibre worldwide. Even people who consume 8 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables per day, still need to add other fibre rich foods to their diet, to achieve the recommended intake levels.

This whitepaper brings scientific insights in the benefits & international recommendations around fibre intake, compares meal plan options and explores sales opportunities for snacks with a high fibre claim.

Fill the fibre-gap in snacking products. Download now to meet growing consumer demand for next-generation health snacks.

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