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Highly active premium dry yeast varieties in bakery production
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Highly active premium dry yeast varieties transform bakery production

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Global yeast manufacturer, Angel Yeast, seeks to advance the bakery industry with its high-quality, advantageous and user-friendly answer to many of today’s baking challenges.

With a strong presence in the bakery industry, the yeast and fermentation specialist has produced two types of Premium Dry Yeast products in high and low sugar varieties to provide the baking sector with a high-quality ingredient that is convenient, fast, and stable.

Angel Yeast is renowned for developing yeast, yeast derivatives and related biological products that centre on natural ingredients in nutritious and healthy products with a delicious taste.

Premium Dry Yeast: A new era of enhanced baking

Yeast, or Saccharomyces cerevisiae, has been a sought-after and trusted ingredient for centuries, used by bakers to delight consumers in appealing formulations. The bakery industry has a long-standing appreciation of yeast due to its ability to improve baked goods’ texture, stability, nutritional properties, and overall manufacturing process.

In recent years, people around the globe have been more conscious of the importance and benefits of nutritious, healthy, and tasty food. Rising consumer health awareness, baked food requirements, and the gradual expansion of the consumption group have led to growing demands for product iterations and evolving production processes.

Redesigning baking ingredients enables consumers to experience a reimagined bakery industry. Today’s manufacturers are pursuing one that promotes the industry’s development and accelerates consumption upgrades as well as the industrialisation of bakery and snack items.

Angel Yeast’s new Premium Highly Active Dry Yeast strives to provide an apt and responsive solution to today’s consumer and production needs. 

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Choosing characteristics to offer consumers choice

With the expansion of the bakery food consumption group, consumers’ demand for yeast character diversity is also growing. Increasingly, the bakery industry is seeking a wide variety of yeast characteristics for different application scenarios to meet the needs of global consumers. To serve these evolving needs, Angel Yeast has reserved a series of yeast resources with sought-after characteristics and has upgraded its yeast products for use in flour.

Following its extensive research and development (R&D) process, it became clear that the industry’s production needs vary and therefore, it seeks superior high-sugar and low-sugar yeast solutions. Angel Yeast has therefore established a wide span of sugar content in its new Premium Highly Active Dry Yeast to offer a breakthrough product to the bakery space and highlight its enhanced performance.

High-sugar yeast refers to dry yeast products that are suitable for baked foods with high-sugar content. Angel Yeast has designed its new Premium high-sugar yeast for dough with 5-30% sugar content in its formula. Premium low-sugar yeast is applicable for baked goods with low-sugar content. Angel Yeast’s product can satisfy dough formulas that require between 0-12% sugar content.

To meet industrial requirements, the manufacturer has developed high-sugar yeast products that are resistant to high osmotic pressure and weak organic acids. High osmotic pressure resistance refers to an ingredient’s ability to combat high sugar and salt content, which inhibits yeast fermentation. If industrial users opt for ordinary yeast in high-sugar and high-salt formulas, they will require a long fermentation time and have a poor fermentation effect. Angel Yeast has developed its new Premium Dry Yeast products to be resistant to high sugar and salt to solve this problem and ensure convenient, fast and high-quality fermentation.

Angel Yeast’s new high and low-sugar yeast products are resistant to cold osmotic shock to fulfil the market demand of tropical regions. Cold osmotic shock resistance, which means the products can withstand low temperatures yet still achieve standard fermentation, is crucial in formulas that need to add ice and cold water.

Industrial bakers and home-baking users seek high-quality and easy-to-use ingredients that maximise the overall appeal of their finished products. Angel Yeast is, therefore, committed to improving the quality and adaptability of dry yeast in the absence of fermenting boxes, mixers and other equipment and poor flour quality. The yeast manufacturer’s Premium Dry Yeast answers the industry’s most recent calls for stability, convenience, and other desirable properties in the delivery of baked goods.

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Addressing today’s baking challenges

Due to the extensive use of yeast in various baking applications, yeast producers face the objective challenges of creating formulas that satisfy the requirements of multiple environments and regions and diverse consumer needs.

For example, users in the equatorial region, which refers to areas located on or near the equator, experience high temperatures and various production environments. As a result, they should add ice to control the dough’s temperature and to avoid yeast fermentation happening too quickly. Manufacturers must develop yeast products with cold osmotic shock resistance to ensure this occurs. Poor production conditions are another challenge facing bakers around the globe. In these scenarios, users cannot achieve good fermentation with standard yeast.

Some bread formulas, such as the traditional French bread brioche and Italy’s panettone, are high in sugar and oil. Excessive oil or sugar can also affect yeast fermentation. Equipped with the awareness of varying fermentation outcomes and the specific requirements needed to produce quality fermentation, Angel Yeast ensured its yeast could tolerate oil and sugar to achieve a good fermentation effect in high-sugar and oil formulas.

Industrial customers need to extend the shelf life of bread. Angel Yeast has developed products that are resistant to weak organic acids to answer this industry requirement. On the other hand, bakers who are not operating in a commercial setting want diverse formulations. However, as they have a shortage of equipment, the baking space requires yeast products that can adapt to various production conditions and formulas.

Angel Yeast’s strains come from high, cold, and other extreme environments, such as the Himalayan region. The yeast manufacturer combines its yeast strains’ individual characteristics with technology to breed them into yeast products that can withstand various production conditions.

Changing the way we bake

By upgrading the quality of yeast products, the industry ensures users can ferment and produce appealing bread in various scenarios and environments, resulting in a more convenient and efficient application experience.

Angel Yeast’s new Highly Active Premium Dry Yeast high-sugar and low-sugar varieties are high-quality, convenient, fast, and stable ingredients that provide a called-for solution to today’s global baking challenges and consumer needs.