Healthy Snacking in 2023

Healthy Snacking in 2023

@healthandwellness, @better-for-you and @better-for-all (people and the planet) have become familiar trigger words in the bakery and snacks sector. But what is behind the consumer preference toward more natural, more nutritious, function specific, climate-driven, environmentally friendly snacks? Bakery&Snacks has compiled a panel of influential voices to take a deep dive into consumer behaviour and demand, and what the two sectors need to do to stay ahead of the curve. Our Healthy Snacks webinar in 2022 garnered enormous interest, and we expect it to explode even further in 2023.


Sebastian EMIG Sebastian Emig Director General
European Snacks Association (ESA)

Joanne Burns Joanne Burns Reformulation for Health manager
Food and Drink Federation Scotland

Blonnie Whist Blonnie Whist Insights Director
Lumina intelligence

Kristy Lewis Kristy Lewis Founder and Chief Visionary Officer
Quinn Snacks

Gill Hyslop Gill Hyslop Editor