Seminar helps food exporters to navigate FDA labeling rules

By Jenni Spinner

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Event guides exporters through FDA label requirements
During the 18-19 June Akademie Fresenius Conference, experts from Registrar Corp. will offer food exporters advice on complying with U.S. Food and DrugAdministration (FDA) labeling regulations.

One aim of the event is helping food companies avoid getting into hot water with the FDA and public interest groups. Companies such as Nestle, Frito Lay and General Mills all have received FDA warnings or been hit with lawsuits in controversies surrounding label claims.

The event will help attendees tell the difference between types of claims. The three main types are nutrient content claims, health claims, and structure/function claims.

Nutrient content claims are explicit and implied claims that describe the level of a nutrient, such as “low in sodium” or “high in fiber.” Such statements are based upon the Daily Recommended value or Recommended Daily Intake established by the FDA; nutrients that don’t have a DRV or RDI may not make such claims.

“Health claims” describe a food or ingredient’s ability to reduce risk of a disease or condition. The FDA has strict rules regarding such statements and regulates the levels.

Structure/function claims involve the role of a nutrient or ingredient in supporting a normal function, describe general well-being or explain the benefit related to nutrient deficiency diseases (such as vitamin C and scurvy). While not pre-approved by the FDA, such statements must be substantiated and not misleading.

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