New series of light fittings for hazardous gas and dust environments

By Helen Glaberson

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Cooper Crouse-Hinds' Ex pendant light fittings for HID lamps
Cooper Crouse-Hinds' Ex pendant light fittings for HID lamps
Cooper Crouse-Hinds have launched a new range of NVMV Ex pendant light fittings for HID lamps for use in hazardous gas and hazardous dust environments in food processing plants.

The company, which specialises in the field of explosion protection, claims that the light, compact design and easy installation of the fittings are the products’ unique features.

The explosion protected light fittings were manufactured in Spain and are specially targeted to the European market. The fittings have a IEC metallic design using chemical and UV resistant materials that the company claims makes the product useful in areas where there are high levels of moisture or dust, or where there is a risk of mechanical hazards or impact.

Simpler to use and lighter in weight

A spokesman for the company told that the hinged top hat with single point fixing and the single screw that holds the control gear housing hinges on the mounting in position is one of the factors that sets the product apart from its competitors.

Gordon Low, OEM Sales Engineer at COOPER Crouse-Hinds (UK) Ltd commented: “This enables easy access and closure of the lamp for installation and maintenance purposes.”

Low concluded: “The NVMV series utilise high power factor ballasts, with a minimum PF of 0.9. The lamps are also much lighter and more compact, making it easier in terms of installation, transportation and maintenance. The hinge hook is also unique to our product, which also further simplifies mounting and replacement for the installer and end user.”

The company claims that the relatively low weight of the fittings makes for easier mounting and handling. Replacement is also made easier, resulting in reduced maintenance life costs.

The housings and globes are made with materials that make them heat and impact resistant. Reflectors are made from Krydon (fibre glass reinforced polyester) and so offer high levels of reflectivity.


The NVMV pendant light fittings are designed and approved in accordance with IEC/EN 60079, which covers the latest requirements for Ex apparatus and can be installed as wall, ceiling or pole-mounted units, at low or medium heights.

The company said that due to their high degree of protection (IP66) and the large permissible ambient temperature range (-45 deg C to +55 deg C) the series can be used in “almost any harsh industrial environment”​ and it is also suitable for corridors, transport routes and process or storage areas.

The NVMV series is available in two sizes: a small enclosure version with power outputs ranging from 70W up to 250W and a large enclosure version with power outputs from 250W up to 400W.

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