Concerned about contamination? Just Check It!

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Check It, a new surface hygiene test for the foodservice and
catering sector, has been launched by the UK's Biotrace. The
simple-to-use swabs require no special training and give immediate

Checking whether a surface has been cleaned effectively need no longer come down to a visual inspection.

Biotrace International, a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist microbiology and life science products, has produced a surface hygiene test called Check It which can provide instant results and is the ideal hygiene-monitoring tool for smaller food service and catering establishments.

Biotrace said that Check It can be used with confidence by any business where food hygiene is critical - for example fast food outlets, restaurants, supermarkets, pubs and hotels. The instant results obtained from Check It offer users minimum disruption to other day-to-day procedures.

One simple swab can measure minute levels of protein residue on all types of surfaces, specifically food contact surfaces that could pose a risk of cross contamination - for instance, kitchen counter tops, food preparation areas, cutting boards, utensils and hard to clean areas.

Colin Hunt, product manager for Check It, said: "For such a small financial outlay, food manufacturers and service providers can benefit in so many ways. Swabbing surfaces just once a day to check that cleaning has been effective can help implement and improve HACCP regimes, demonstrate due diligence, reduce the risk of food safety incidents as well as developing a hygiene culture among a company's employees.

"Check It is an ideal choice for the smaller organisation because anyone can carry out the test - no training is required and no expensive equipment is needed to read results. The test is simplicity itself."

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