High-fiber sourdough rye bread & reduced glycaemic response: Cause and effect? Yes. Health claim? No...

“almost any carbohydrate-containing food would induce a reduction of post-prandial blood glucose responses"

EFSA rejects Fazer rye bread health claim


EFSA has agreed ‘high-fiber sourdough rye bread’ may significantly reduce post-prandial glycaemic and insulin response compared to glucose, but refused a health claim from Fazer in Finland because all foods would have the same effect in comparison to...

Cinnamon is being used for its perceived health benefits

Health properties of cinnamon drive demand

By Nicholas Robinson

Increasing interest in cinnamon’s health properties has led to its use in more foods, but heavy rainfall in producer countries has affected supply, a leading ingredients company has warned.

How should the industry tackle sugar reduction?

Insights from IFT Wellness 2014

How should the industry tackle sugar reduction?

By Maggie Hennessy

Attending a series of sessions on sugar reduction during the Institute of Food Technologists’ (IFT) 2014 Wellness conference, a few common themes kept resurfacing: that obesity remains a big problem, and that—like it or not—the sugar industry is assuming...

Private-label products are trending toward more natural ingredients and flexible packaging.


Top five private-label food trends

By Jenni Spinner

With store-brand packaged goods doing $108.3bn business in the US each year, the Private Label Trade Show offers insight into trends driving the booming market.

ADM: Dry honey, molasses easier to use than liquid counterparts

Special Edition: Sweeteners

ADM: Dry honey, molasses easier to use than liquid counterparts

By Maggie Hennessy

Honey, molasses and malt extract have long been incorporated into food products for many other reasons besides their natural sweetening abilities—among them color, aroma, browning, texture, better moisture retention and improved shelf life. 

American Sugar Alliance: ‘The country is swimming in sugar’

American Sugar Alliance: ‘The country is swimming in sugar’

By Elaine WATSON

Sugar prices in the US have fallen more than 40% since last summer and are now at “dangerously low levels for producers who are facing ever-increasing input costs”, according to Jack Roney, an economist with the American Sugar Alliance (ASA).

To make Tagatose, Nutrilab NV hydrolyzes lactose from whey permeate into glucose and galactose. This is then followed by an isomerization process of galactose using an L-arabinose isomerase

Scientists report 'guidelines' for tagatose use in food and beverages

By Stephen Daniells

Using tagatose to sweeten food and drink products has taken a step forward as Korean scientists report the ‘first quantitative data on the relationship between the sweetness of tagatose and sucrose over a range of sweetness levels commonly encountered...

US sugar prices are kept artificially high, claims the ABA

Bakers: US sugar prices are still 50-75% higher than world prices

By Elaine WATSON

The American Bakers Association (ABA) says it is only a matter of time before “some form of a [sugar] reform amendment passes in the House”, although sugar producers say the US should learn some lessons from Europe and stop trying to fix something that...

European sugar users welcome debate on sugar reform

European sugar users welcome debate on sugar reform

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The EU Sugar Users Association (CIUS) has welcomed debate on sugar reform scheduled in the European Parliament on Monday, ahead of an EU vote on whether to abolish sugar quotas under Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reforms.

Sugar and fat content in cereal bars on a par with coke and biscuits, study finds

Cereal bars: The sugary truth

By Kacey Culliney

Leading cereal bar brands are high in sugar, saturated fats and calories, with one product containing more sugar than a small can of Coke, finds new research.

Tetra Pak upgrades sugar-dissolving unit

Tetra Pak upgrades sugar-dissolving unit

By Oliver Nieburg

Tetra Pak has launched an upgrade for its Tetra Albrix sugar dissolving unit that it has claimed lowers costs and reduces energy consumption on previous versions.

Not so Fab: Significant changes are necessary to improve the EU sugar sector, said Nestle and other firms.

EC may boost sugar supply after price hikes and complaints

By Mike Stones

The European Commission will consider boosting the availability of sugar at its next tonnage tender meeting on August 25 after sharp rises in prices and calls from food manufacturers for it to increase sugar quotas or abandon them.

“Consumption of cereal products high in slowly digestible starch raises blood glucose concentrations less after a meal than cereal products low in slowly digestible starch”.

EFSA health claim opinion

Kraft chews on article 13.5 glycaemic health claim win

By Shane Starling

Kraft Foods Europe is the second company to win a positive article 13.5 proprietary and emerging science health claim opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) with a submission linking starch and glycaemic response in baked products.


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