APRIL. Picture: OAL.

Interpack 2017

APRIL Robot Chef signs autographs at Interpack

By Jenny Eagle

OAL’s APRIL (Automated Processing Robotic Ingredient Loading) Robotic Weighing Station created a buzz at Interpack this week (May 4-10) signing autographs for guests.

Kerry won the ASB's 2017 Innovation Award for its Biobake enzyme, suitable for crackers. Pic: ©iStock/mg7

Kerry Group wins BakingTech 2017 Innovation Award

By Gill Hyslop

The global food ingredients company won the American Society of Baking’s 2017 Innovation Award for Operational Excellence at BakingTech 2017, held in Chicago, US, last month.

 Chef Michael McGreal

Lights, camera, action! Edible insects in focus at IFT 2015

By Elaine Watson

No self-respecting food conference would be complete these days without a session on edible insects. But are they a gimmick or a serious source of alternative protein? FoodNavigator-USA editor Elaine Watson headed to the 2015 IFT show in Chicago to find...

Holmesterne Foods

Thermal processing firm celebrates 40th anniversary this year

Holmach: Six benefits of REPFEDS

By Jenny Eagle

Holmach plans to kick off its 40th anniversary this year with Heinz and the Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists at the Thermal Processing conference at Campden BRI from June 12-13.

Love Beet

Vacuum-sealed pouch replaces canned beetroot

By Jenny Eagle

OneHarvest, an Australian fruit and vegetable supplier has licensed technology from Love Beets in the UK to pack fresh-cooked baby beetroot in a vacuum-sealed pouch.

EU to ban flavouring compound

EU to ban flavouring compound

The European Commission and member states have voted to ban a flavouring compound, following an EFSA opinion on its safety published last week, which found that the ingredient was of concern.

Microwave shielding technology builds momentum

Microwave shielding technology builds momentum

By Rod Addy

Patented technology that allows microwave meals to be cooked more evenly and can even deliver hot and cold food in the same tray is taking off in the US as well as Europe.

Suspect foods include household staples like bread, fried potatoes and coffee as well as potato crisps and biscuits.

Acrylamide limit ‘red tape’ premature, says FDF

By Oliver Nieburg

The added bureaucracy of legal limits for acrylamide in foods is preventable as industry efforts to reduce levels have been sufficient, says the Food and Drink Federation (FDF).

Batter made better

Batter made better

By Ahmed ElAmin

The search for a better batter has resulted in a process that helps
increase crispiness and reduce fat, according to a new study.


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