What's new on the shelf: chickpea flour mozzarella sticks, salad-in-a-crisp and spiraled cheese sticks

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Snacks continue to see more protein and fiber from the inclusion of vegetables. Pic: ©GettyImages/Kwangmoozaa
Snacks continue to see more protein and fiber from the inclusion of vegetables. Pic: ©GettyImages/Kwangmoozaa

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Kids' snacks get the better-for-you treatment with the help of chickpeas and butternut squash, along with allergen-friendly labels for parents' peace of mind; veggie crisps (chips) omit the usual carbs; and hot peppers find their way into bagels (and cream cheese). These products and more are featured in this week's roundup of what's hitting shelves this spring and summer.

Kidfresh waffles, mozzarella sticks and cheese burritos

Kidfresh Waffles

The frozen foods brand – ​dedicated to creating convenient, better-for-you options by 'sneaking vegetables' into foods that kids love – ​has added Mozzarella Sticks, Waffles and Cheese Burritos to its portfolio.

The Mozzarella Sticks (RRP $3.99 for a pack of eight) are made with wholewheat and chickpea flour, providing 8g of whole grains and 9g of protein per serving.

The Cheese Burritos (RRP $3.99 for a pack of four) include butternut squash and sweet potatoes, packing 10g of protein per serving.

"The key is to make sure that kids love the food, too – that’s why we always keep them in mind when we develop new items,” ​said Kidfresh founder Matt Cohen.

Kidfresh also offers Homestyle, Blueberry and Chocolate Chip variants of waffles ($3.00 for a box of eight), also containing ‘hidden’ butternut squash. The frozen breakfast treats provide 5g of whole grains, 8g of protein and eight vitamins and minerals.

The three new items will be available in more than 10k grocery stores across the US in June.

Marty’s allergy-friendly kid snacks

Marty's Snacks

Danone is introducing an allergen-friendly line of snacks called Marty’s in the UK, starting with Popped Chickpea Crisps (chips).

Available in three flavors – Ready Salted, Cheese & Onion and Barbecue – ​Marty’s will hit shelves in late June. They are free from eggs, peanut and gluten, which positions them to compete with Pom-Bear, KP Snacks’ gluten-free snack line.

Danone developed the Marty’s brand – ​recognizable by a green Martian character wearing a cape – ​as part of its Manifesto Innovation Accelerator progam.

JLM Global Foods, a packaged foods producer in Darlington, England, manufactures the crisps (20g packs for an RRP of £0.75, or $0.99) for the French-based company.

Satisfied Snacks – ​Veg on the Go Roughs

Roughs Vegetable Crisps

UK doctor Heather Daniell started Satisfied Snacks in 2018 after growing tired of the lack of 'really healthy' convenience foods.

The first of the brand's offerings is Veg on the Go Roughs, a crispy wafer snack made from dried (not fried) vegetables.

The crisps are made without potato, corn, wheat or rice, and do not contain any oil or added sugar.

Roughs currently come in four flavors: Beetroot & Goat Cheese, Tomato & Feta, Red pepper & Walnut, and Carrot & Kimchi, the latter two being vegan.

Satisfied Snacks packages the crisps to resemble a can of vegetables (RRP £1.79, or $2.36).

According to the company, one serving provides one of the five daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. The snacks range from about 70 to 90 calories per serving, with 5g to 9g of sugar, 2g to 4g of protein and fiber.

Babybel Mini Rolls

Babybel spiral cheese

Babybel has given its classic dairy snack a literal spin on string cheese and twisted it into a spiral shape.

Known as Mini Rolls in the US, Babybel Spirolls are now available in the UK.

"Packed in a portable pouch and offering a good source of protein, kids will have fun pulling, peeling and twisting their Babybel Mini Rolls, and parents can feel good about serving a healthy and filling snack that's tasty and convenient for all occasions,"​ said Iris Terolli-Hall, innovation manager of Babybel.

The rolls, available in the dairy aisle at major retailers across the US, come five to a pack for an RRP of $3.89.

Spider-Man Doritos

Spider-Man Doritos

PepsiCo has teamed up with Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group for a limited edition release of its popular spicy chip to celebrate the launch of the next Spider-Man action installment: Far From Home.

Customers in North America, Latin America, Egypt and across Asia will see Spider-Man packs on shelves leading up to the film’s July release.

The chips inside the themed bags also take a cue from Spider-Man, as they are colored in the superhero’s signature red.

PepsiCo is releasing an online game to coincide with the launch – ​and certain Doritos products will contain a code, which fans can enter for the chance to win Spider-Man prizes.

Bruegger’s Jalapeno and Heart-Shaped Bagels

Bruegger's Heart Bagel

The US bagel chain has added a spicy kick to its breakfast menus with a Jalapeno Bagel, which adds real peppers to the dough before being boiled and then baked.

Customers can choose the bagel as it is or in sandwich form smothered with jalapeno cream cheese, chorizo and avocado.

"Consumer research shows that interest in bold flavors continues to grow, so we're really bringing on the heat with the Chorizo Jalapeno Egg Sandwich," ​said Bruegger's executive chef Chad Thompson.

The 35-year-old US bakery is also offering heart-shaped bagels for Mother’s Day in three flavors (plain, blueberry and cinnamon raisin), available from now until May 11.

Bruegger’s operates more than 250 locations in North America under parent company Coffee & Bagel Brands, which includes Caribou Coffee and Einstein Bros Bagels.

Pop-Tarts Confetti and Chocolate Cupcake

Pop-Tarts Confetti Cupcake

Parent company Kellogg’s is debuting a new cupcake flavor, while bringing back an old favorite.

Frosted Chocolate Cupcake Pop-Tarts will be available in June, with enough chocolate ‘to satisfy any chocoholic,' according to the company.

The brand's Frosted Confetti Cupcake version was last seen on shelves in June 2017; however, it has been the second-most requested flavor since it disappeared, said the company, which compelled its return.

The Battle Creek, Michigan-based cereal giant said more than 50% of its customers enjoy Pop-Tarts as a snack.

A box of eight pastries – packaged in sets of two – clocks in at 380 calories with 31g of sugar (RRP $1.99).

"We reimagined the classic dessert in Pop-Tart form, giving our devoted fans more opportunity to enjoy this delicious, sweet treat any time of the day,” ​said Joe Beauprez, director of marketing of the Pop-Tarts brand.

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