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Happy Holidays 2014 from William Reed Business Media!

The holidays are fast upon us, so let’s put ‘business’ to one side and get into the festive mood. To keep in the spirit of things, we’ve got a ‘gift’ for you – enjoy. Happy Holidays!

Nutrition Facts panel: Snack impact?

Dispatches: Pack Expo 2014

How will Nutrition Facts panel changes hit snacks?

By Kacey Culliney

Snack makers and suppliers will be under pressure to make fast changes across all packs once the FDA finalizes its ruling on the nutrition facts panel, but can suppliers keep up?

Lynn Dornblaser & David Jago - directors of innovation and insight, Mintel

Dispatches from IFT 2014: 8-minute insight from Mintel innovation directors

Crunch time: Is breakfast cereal doomed to sink?

By Kacey Culliney

The global breakfast cereal market faces increasing competition as consumers turn to convenient alternatives, so how can manufacturers step up to compete and stimulate often dwindling sales?

Martin Dupick at the Save Food congress at Interpack 2014

Bosch: Interpack top trends

By Jenny Eagle

Martin Dupick, global product manager, Bosch Packaging Technology, spoke to FoodProductionDaily about the top trends influencing the food manufacturing industry at Interpack 2014.

Kohler says there are plenty of opportunities for nanotechnology in bakery


Nanotech is the future for bakery fortification: RNI Conseil

By Kacey Culliney

Nanotechnology to deliver nutrients or flavors into bakery remains nascent, but that will change over the next decade, says RNI Conseil’s scientific and regulatory affairs senior consultant.

Stephen Daniells and Shane Starling from FoodNavigator and NutraIngredients

Key Insights from Food Vision

Food Vision 2014: Bridge knowledge gaps, overcome change and work sustainably

By Kacey Culliney

What is the future of food? Simple communication of complex advances will be crucial, as well as picking up the pace amid a global population boom to feed the world nutritiously and sustainably, according to FoodNavigator and NutraIngredients senior editors.

Horizon Milling talks challenges and opportunities

Horizon Milling: Industry is strong to proactively solve challenges

By Maggie Hennessy

At the International Baking Industry Expo in Las Vegas this fall, Megan Speas, director of marketing at flour milling giant Horizon Milling, sat down with Milling & Grains to talk challenges, opportunities and the biggest concerns on customers’ minds...

Clissman: “So the potential for growth in Europe is huge and we are starting to see the start of that growth but the way that active lifestyle is being interpreted in Europe is slightly different in Europe than in the US.”

Dispatches from #FIE2013

Protein has a big ‘ordinary’ future, says Glanbia


Irish dairy ingredients specialist Glanbia Nutritionals once filled its sights almost exclusively with the sports nutrition sector, but the explosion of interest in protein means the ‘ordinary’ mainstream food industry is a bigger and bigger target.

DSM OatWell FiE

Dispatches from #FIE2013

A year of change for DSM’s OatWell

By Staff Writer

One year on from its acquisition of Swedish beta-glucan brand OatWell, DSM talks about entering into new markets and capitalizing on European health claims.

VIDEO: Mettler Toledo launches intelligent metal detector

Dispatches from Europack Euromanut CFIA 2013

VIDEO: Mettler Toledo tackles unwanted factory vibes

By Fiona Barry

Mettler Toledo has launched a metal detection machine to automatically adjust to the food it inspects, which it claims can be customized to more than 800 settings.

Roquette microalgae flour hope after Solazyme split

Roquette talks algae hope after Solazyme split

By Kacey Culliney

Despite a recent split from Solazyme and an on-going legal case, Roquette is “full speed ahead” with its new algae flour and says the health halo effect should propel the ingredient forward.

Green baking: Zero-energy use the future goal


Air Management Technologies: ‘Our goal is to have a zero-energy bakery’

By Kacey Culliney

US-based Air Management Technologies was among the winners for IBIE’s B.E.S.T. in baking awards that acknowledges efforts in sustainability. In this exclusive video, its president says the ultimate goal is to slash energy altogether.

EnWave Corp., speak to us at IFT 2013

dispatches from IFT 2013

EnWave highlights dehydration tech at IFT 2013

By Jenni Spinner

EnWave Corp. sat down with at IFT 2013 to discuss the evolution of dried foods and how they meet changing consumer demands.

Time for mandatory folic acid fortification to go truly global?

Special edition: Battling malnutrition

Time for mandatory folic acid fortification to go truly global?

By Shane Starling

Food fortification with neural tube defect (NTD)-reducing folic acid is mandatory in 75 nations, but concerns over cancer and other health issues mean Europe lags far behind  – a situation that needs to change and quickly, says DSM thinktank, sightandlife.

Trend-spotter: The rise of slow-energy

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2013

Trend-spotter: The rise of slow-energy

By Shane Starling

There are two speeds when it comes to energy products: Slow and fast, says Mintel trend-spotting guru David Jago.

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