NPD showcase 2021: No tricks, just all treats this month

By Gill Hyslop

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Pic: GettyImages/eli_asanova
Pic: GettyImages/eli_asanova

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Trick your child with a brainy treat; create your own cheesy masterpiece; support the efforts to eliminate single use plastic from the ocean; and make your own no waste superfood smoothie.

Brain food


Dentists love Halloween … but this year, mix it up and make sure your kids are getting a brain boost, too.

Brainiac snacks are packed with a proprietary blend of three key nutrients to supercharge kids’ developing brains, including omega-3 DHA/EPA (studies show that DHA makes up 15% of a child’s brain), omega-3 ALA (an essential fatty acid that supports the growth and development of a healthy brain) and choline (a critical component for connecting our brain’s ‘information super highways’).

The BrainPack is Braniac’s proprietary blend of the three, designed by neurologists, paediatricians, dietitians and nutrition scientists. In fact, one 4oz serving of yoghurt or 3.2oz applesauce pouch provides as much DHA as an ounce of salmon and as much choline as two cups of broccoli – without having to force feed these to your kids.

No tricks, just full-on treats!

Available online and at selected retail outlets.

Energy bomb


Nestlé has developed a chilled snack that are the perfect pick-me-up to keep you powering through the day.

Nestlé Rallies Nut Butter Bombs are made from chocolate and peanut, almond and cashew nut butters, with less added sugar than the leading chocolate nut butter indulgence.

They also contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Chilled to maintain freshness and flavour, the bombs are available in two variants – Brownie Almond Butter and Salted Cashew Butter – with Raspberry Peanut Butter slated for release in early 2022.

“Between family, work, and the stress of their daily lives, consumers are struggling to find opportunities and ways to prioritise themselves throughout the day. 74% of consumers say ‘treating oneself’ is the main driver of comfort snacking to combat slumps in their busy lifestyles. Eventually, we all need a pick me up,”​ said Michael Darman, innovation manager at Nestlé USA.

“The indulgence is a grab-and-go option and a fresh, elevated take on a traditional treat. From the initial bite into the chilled chocolate shell to the rich, smooth textures of the nut butter filling, we’re providing a treat that combines delicious ingredients to help consumers take on their day.”

Available in the refrigerated section of select Hy-Vee stores, as well as online, for an RRP of $2.49 per bar.

The zero waste range


PACK’D is a range of superfood kits that every busy mum, on-the-go exec, eager kid and snacker craving something a little bit healthier needs in the deep freeze.

The range of Frozen Fruits & Smoothie Kits comprises three ready-to-blend Superfood Smoothies developed by nutritionists to provide energy, vitality and nourishment, along with a range of Organic Frozen Fruit that provides the ultimate convenience.

Nourish is a blend of fruit, veggies, prebiotic fibre and specially selected superfoods and nutrients (vit B6, C, potassium and manganese) designed to aid gut health.

Energy is packed with vitamin C and naturally sourced caffeine to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. It is also a great source of Manganese to support normal energy-yielding metabolism.

Replenish is a multi vit option for overall wellbeing for body and mind, including a rich source of A, C, B12, manganese and folate to protect cells from oxidative stress, support the immune system, maintain healthy skin and reduce fatigue.

Each kit comes with a perfectly portioned mix – which means zero waste in deliciousness – along with its own Superfood sachet to supercharge the smoothie.

Only ‘A Grade’ fruit that’s been hand-picked, packed and frozen at source make their way into PACK’D’s offering, ranging from blueberries, to avocado, to sukkari dates and cherries. Perfect for blending, baking and breakfast.

The full range is available online from Ocado, Amazon and the company’s site, as well as in Sainsbury’s, Wholefoods and selected retailers across the UK, for an RRP of £1.85 (Smoothie kits);  fruit starts from £2.25 for a 300g pouch.

 Leading the charge


Better-for-you plant-based brand Prodigy has become the UK’s first plastic negative chocolate.

To achieve its plastic negative certification, Prodigy has worked with rePurpose Global to fund the removal, processing and reuse of 10 ocean-bound single-use plastic wrappers for every Prodigy bar sold. The producer is also working with Climate Partners to offset the carbon footprint of its bars by funding a forest preservation project in Peru – the source of its cacao.

Prodigy’s Carbon Neutral status is now being signposted on pack, as part of a wider packaging refresh to strengthen its identity and appeal to a broader customer. The packs also highlight the brand’s ethos of ‘all the taste without the sugar’. Each vegan bar contains less than half the sugar of the competition and is high in fibre, free from gluten, palm oil and refined sugar.

“We’re on a mission to inspire positive change in society and the food industry as a whole, further underlined by these bold new sustainability commitments,”​ said Prodigy founder Sameer Vaswani.

“We’re extremely proud to be the UK’s first plastic negative chocolate brand, we’re literally cleaning up after the large players that continue to use damaging single-use plastic wrappers for their bars because they are cheap to source and they are resistant to change.

“Our overall aim is to deliver sweet snacks that not only taste amazing, but benefit the environment, have a significantly healthier nutrition profile and are accessible to all. By using premium, plant-based and clean-ingredients we have created a range that delivers the full chocolate hit of your classic bar, but with half the sugar. This is chocolate that inspires change and we’re thrilled that our new packaging brings all our credentials and brand values to life.”

Prodigy bars are available in Holland & Barrett stores across the UK, as well as Ocado, Amazon, Co-op and independent health stores.

A ‘cheesy’ masterpiece


Avoid the holiday shopping rush. Whisps – America’s best-selling cheese crisps company – has just launched a super unique gift that’s 100% your own and ships in just two weeks.

Until 10 December, consumers can order personalised, edible cheese carvings. Simply upload a hi-res image or your pet, your bestie or yourself to and an award-winning cheese carver will create a custom sculpture made of 100% edible cheese.

The custom carvings are $200 apiece, but Whisps is also offering three non-custom carvings for $49.99 each – a 90’s inspired flip phone, a mini cheese grater and a dollar bill.

Since launching the campaign, Whisps has already received multiple custom orders, including requests for Dolly Parton and RBG. Get yours in today.

Christmas goes free from

Prewetts final

Prewett’s has rolled out a range of festive gluten-free biscuits available exclusively at selected Waitrose stores across the UK.

Two new additions – Prewett’s Orange & Cranberry Shortbread & Spiced Salted Caramel Cookies selection box (RRP £3.00) and Prewett’s Chocolate Shortcake Christmas trees (RRP £2.00) – expand on the free-from biscuit experts tried-and-tested offerings, including Choc Digestives, Chocofuls, Dark Choc & Ginger Cookies, Jammy Wheels, Cookie & Creams and Enrobed Vanilla Creams.

“Prewett’s is an established brand known, loved and trusted by a variety of shoppers,”​ said Neil McAndry, MD of Northumbrian Fine Foods, which manufactures Prewett’s.

“The launch cements a positive year for the brand following new listings in Poundland in the summer as well as an upcoming launch in Ocado in the new year. We’re delighted to add to the range of Prewett’s gluten free sweet treats already available at Waitrose; from its ‘Family Favourites’ range, which includes Jammy Wheels and Chocolate Digestives, to its ‘Indulgent Cookie Range’. We’re excited to bring those choosing gluten-free two new delicious selections to gift and enjoy this festive season.”

Dressing up

Larabar final

Lärabar has teamed up with Paper Culture to create a limited edition holiday collection.

The nature-inspired collection bring together their passion for sustainability and celebrating life’s sweet moments.

The new holiday packaging will be available in four unique designs for Lärabar’s most indulgent flavours, including Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Mint Chip Brownie and Peanut Butter Cookie.

The designs is extended to curated stationery and greeting cards available for purchase at Paper Culture.

And finally, fans can enter a sweepstakes on Lärabar’s Instagram between 1-17 November to win a Sustainable Holiday Advent Calendar.

The limited edition Holiday Lärabar offering is available at selected retailers across the US for an RRP of $6.29 for a six-count pack.

Street carnival

Carnival Kitchen

Addo Food Group has created Carnival Kitchen to bring street food to the masses, with a range of flatbreads, pies and bites that feature the explosive flavours of India, Thailand, Mexico and the East Coast of the US.

The products can be eaten cold, but are designed to be heated in a microwave or oven.

  1. Philly Steak & Cheese Pie is made with pulled beef, peppers with a Monterey Jack and Philly cheese sauce;
  2. Tandoori Chicken Pie contains a melange of chicken, tomato, onion and coriander in a tandoori sauce wrapped in a turmeric flatbread-style dough.
  3. Wrapped in the same flatbread-style dough is the Jerk Chicken Flatbread with spinach and smoked garlic
  4. The Red Thai Pork Flatbread resonates with tomato and peppers in a Thai red curry sauce
  5. The range also includes Piri Piri Chicken and Cheese & Jalapeño bites encased in a crunchy coating.

“Our extensive market and customer research showed us that consumers are still looking for snacking experiences to deliver bigger and better taste adventures, while also featuring quality ingredients that have the flexibility to be enjoyed both hot and cold,”​ said Mike Holton, brand manager at Carnival Kitchen.

“This is why we created a range that provides big-hit flavours from around the world and really delivers on taste when heated.”

To celebrate the launch, consumers will get the chance to try the products first hand as the brand takes the carnival on tour across the UK – stopping at London, Birmingham and Manchester throughout October.

The range is available at selected Asda stores across the UK, starting at an RRP of £2.50.

An English twist for an American classic

thumbnail_Choc Mint higher res

Popcorn Kitchen’s foray into timeless British treats – in June this year – included everyone’s favourite citrus-centric cake (Lemon Drizzle), berry-based Eton Mess (Raspberry White Choc) and that timeless spherical stocking filler (Chocolate Orange).

Following a successful pilot trial, the progressive brand is releasing Chocolate Mint, offering more than a telling nod to yesteryear’s favourite wafer-thin after-dinner nibble.

“Like so many ‘foodsmiths’ before us, we see the ‘greater than the sum of its parts’ potential of meshing an earthy dark Belgian chocolate with the light zing of peppermint and big dollop of British nostalgia,”​ said Popcorn Kitchen co-owner Andy Valentine.

“Simply put, this may well be the perfect sharing popcorn over the festive period, although you certainly needn’t wait until mid-evening before tucking in.”

Like all its products, the new offering has no tolerance for artificial flavouring, colouring or sweetener short-cuts – meaning it’s well-suited to vegetarians and snack-seeking coeliacs.

Popcorn Kitchen’s C​hocolate Mint is rolling out in selected retailers in November for an RRP of around £1.30 per 30g pack.

Craving meets its match

Bistro Chips

Crunchmaster has added another guilt-free gourmet snack to its lineup.

The Crunchmaster Bistro Crisps contain only 120 calories in 63 popped crisps, taking snacking to the next level in three flavours: Vegan Cheddar, Nacho and Margherita Pizza.

 Crunchmaster Bistro Crisps are grain-free, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and Kosher. They also contain no artificial flavours, 0g of trans fat and 0mg of cholesterol. Made with cassava root, a gut-friendly root vegetable, the chips are popped, not fried.

“The Crunchmaster team is continuously looking for our next product innovation to meet our consumers’ demand for simple, wholesome snacks, and the pandemic only emphasized their desire for better-for-you snacking options,”​ said Braden Bennie, senior marketing manager at Crunchmaster.

“Bistro Crisps bring the best of Crunchmaster crackers – the nutrition, flavour and crispy crunch – to a new realm of snacking.”

With the pandemic changing how consumers think about food, Crunchmaster announced it was replacing safflower oil with olive oil in most of its Crunchmaster cracker products, including its Multi-Seed, Multi-Grain, Grain-Free and Multi-Grain 5 Seed products.

“It’s becoming increasingly important for our products to contain ingredients that our consumers recognise as a healthy choice,”​ said Bennie.

“This optimisation to our existing product line gives consumers another reason to feel confident choosing Crunchmaster crackers.”

Bistro Crisps are available in Publix stores across the US, as well as on Amazon.

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