Natural colours overtake synthetics as European growth leads the way

Global report on food colours

Clean label trend helps drive natural colours to overtake synthetics

By Nathan Gray

Natural colours have overtaken their synthetic counterparts for the first time ever, and the trend towards clean label products is one of the key drivers according to new data from Mintel and Leatherhead Food Research.

Albis exhibits oxygen scavenger

Dispatches from Emballage 2012

Oxygen scavenger offers shelf life improvement, claims Albis

By Joe Whitworth

Albis said its oxygen scavenger offers quality improvement for long shelf life products that are sterilised such as ready meal trays and bag in box pouches for wine and fruit juices.

Trendwatch: Traditional foods get 'snackified'

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

'Snackified' traditional foods are among the latest snack trends on show at SIAL in Paris this week, where better-for-you snacks have made a strong appearance.

Charles Speirs, baking science manager at Campden BRI

Dispatches from IBA 2012

Gluten-free bakery insights from Campden BRI

By Oliver Nieburg from Munich

UK research institute Campden BRI says that getting the baking temperature right is almost as important as selecting the right ingredients in achieving high quality gluten-free products.

Bosch targets flexibility and speed at FachPack

Bosch targets flexibility and speed at FachPack

By Rod Addy

Bosch Packaging Technology launched multiple machines for the food and drink industry designed to cater for manufacturers’ demand for speed and versatility at trade show FachPack 2012 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Mondi outlines intelligent packaging trends

Mondi outlines intelligent packaging trends

By Rod Addy

Intelligent packaging is not just about tracking products from factory floor to consumers’ cupboards, according to Mondi marketing and communication director Albert Klinkhammer.