Rice Krispies

Kellogg's personalised sleeve promotion runs until 28 November. Pic: Kellogg's UK

Kellogg’s invites Brits to get personal with their breakfast cereal

By Gill Hyslop

The on-pack promotion – introduced last year – has been brought back to specifically mark the return to school. This year, it is also being extended to older consumers to allow them to get engage on a personal level with their morning bowl of Crunchy...

Rice Krispies-maker Kellogg Company is cutting another 223 jobs at its Porter Street plant in Battle Creek, US, following several layoffs earlier this year. Pic: ©iStock/shank_ali

Kellogg plans to cut further 223 jobs in Battle Creek

By Gill Hyslop

Kellogg’s is planning to cut 223 jobs in at the ready-to-eat cereal (RTEC) plant on Porter Street in Battle Creek, US, in 2018, in a move to streamline and decrease the total cost-per-pound costs, which will improve margins.

Kellogg shuns 30% sugar cap proposal for UK cereals

Kellogg shuns "silver bullet" 30% UK cereals sugar cap

By Oliver Nieburg

Cereal giant Kellogg has said that parents should make cereal choices for children and not government in rejecting what it calls a "silver bullet" proposal for a 30% sugar limit on cereals in the UK.


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