Polylactic Acid

Picture credit: sandb.com - Zeolites are porous minerals

Scientists design technology to make PLA production process simpler

By Jenny Eagle

Polylactic acid (PLA) is already a part of our everyday lives in biodegradable drinking cups and vegetable wrapping foil but it is not yet considered a full alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics, because it costs so much to produce.

Metabolix's PHA biopolymer can be used to make packaging films.

Company boosting output at pilot plants

Metabolix scales back biopolymer manufacturing plans

By Heidi Parsons

Metabolix, which develops biopolymers for use in packaging and other applications, recently announced it is revising its manufacturing plans for 2015.

Kristy-Barbara Lange presented market data at the conference

dispatches from European Bioplastics conference

Bioplastics market will grow by more than 400% by 2018

By Joseph James Whitworth

Bioplastics production capacities will grow by more than 400% with Asia expanding its role as a major production hub, according to figures released at the 9th European Bioplastics conference.

PLA market to reach $5.2bn by 2020

PLA in food packaging is a ‘big challenge’

By Jenny Eagle

The global Polylactic Acid (PLA) market is expected to reach $5.2bn by 2020, according to Allied Market Research (AMR), but the material still faces stiff competition from other products on the market such as PET and PVC and PE.

NatureWorks and Calysta Energy are partnering on technology that uses methane to produce bioplastic building blocks.

Partnership to develop bioplastic food packaging technology

By Jenni Spinner

Bio-materials developer NatureWorks LLC and Calysta Energy are partnering to research and develop a commercially viable method for fermenting methane into the building block for bioplastic packaging feedstock.

What eco-friendly packaging options exist for snacks products?


Sustainable snack pack materials: What’s out there?

By Oliver Nieburg

BakeryandSnacks analyzes the sustainable credentials of the most commonly used materials and formats for snack packaging and casts its eye on alternatives.

Finnish breakthrough strengthens bioplastics potential

Finnish breakthrough strengthens bioplastics potential

By Rod Addy

Bioplastic packaging applications have been strengthened, according to a Finnish research centre, after its development of a technique to dramatically improve the quality of bio-based packaging materials.

Nestle eyeing next generation bioplastics

Nestle eyeing next generation bioplastics

By Rory Harrington

The trend for the development of next generation bioplastics will be led by the emergence of conventional materials such as polyethylene made from renewable and non-food sources, said Nestle’s global packaging chief.


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