'All in all, the coming period will see plenty of uncertainty for stakeholders,' said Rabobank. ©iStock

EU sugar prices could rise as supply and demand tightens

By David Burrows

Global sugar prices have rocketed 30% since mid-April as the balance between supply and demand tightens. In Europe prices have remained steady but could soon increase, according to Rabobank’s latest sugar quarterly.

Walki opens its third plant in Wroclaw, Poland

Walki Poland plant reduces lead times to two weeks

By Jenny EAGLE

Walki Group, which produces technical laminates and protective packaging materials, is focusing on its markets in central Europe by opening its third plant in Wroclaw, Poland this week.

Spreads and fats diversify

Spreads and fats diversify

The market for fats and spreads in eastern Europe is rapidly
diversifying, whilst rapidly expanding. Furthermore the latest
product launches from the Mintel databases in this segment indicate
that functionality is becoming increasingly...