The gluten-free liquid barley malt contains less than 20 ppm of gluten and can be used in bread, cereals and cookies

Dispatches: ISM/ProSweets 2015

Döhler debuts gluten-free barley malt for bakery

By Kacey Culliney

Ingredients firm Döhler has developed a gluten-free barley malt extract that can enhance the taste, texture and visual appeal of baked goods.

Ebro in malt venture

Ebro in malt venture

Azucarera Ebro, the Spanish food group, and its compatriot
Intermalta, a malt producer, have created a new company called
Maltacarrion which will specialise in the production of malt for
the brewing industry.

Malt market analysed

Malt market analysed

Consulting agency Market Advice carried out an in-depth review of
the Russian brewing industry this month, with an emphasis on the
country's malt market. The findings reveal that imported malt is
consistently seen as being superior...

Fighting crop fungus

Fighting crop fungus

As scientists continue to map the genomic sequence of crop
varieties, a team in the US could now have the solution to a rogue
fungus that has plagued beer brewers.


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