Bobby White, project manager for JBT FoodTech in front of the Stein PRoGRILL machine

dispatches from IFFA 2013

JBT FoodTech launches contact cooker at IFFA

By Joseph James Whitworth

Efficiency and cleanability are the main benefits of JBT FoodTech’s contact cooker launched at the IFFA 2013 Trade show in Frankfurt.    

UK firm defends traditional freezing equipment

UK firm defends traditional freezing equipment

By Rod Addy

UK firm Starfrost has defended traditional freezing methods against claims by cryogenic freezing proponents that they have greater environmental impact and are less efficient.

New heat recovery system saves money: WP Green

Dispatches from IBA 2012

New heat recovery system saves money: WP Green

By Kacey Culliney from Munich

Bakery firms can cut costs with a new system that reuses hot gases emitted from ovens to heat and make water for an entire production facility, head of WP Green says.

Method could cut crisps surface oil content by 81%

Less oily crisps? US researchers claim to have it nailed down

By Jane Byrne

Researchers have hit upon a way of modifying the production of potato chips (crips) to ensure a reduction of the amount of oil in the final product, which is good news for a snack industry focused on improving the health profile of their products.

Food heat treatment study

Food heat treatment study

An EU-funded research project is underway to develop more accurate
models of microbial reductions during surface pasteurisation of
foods. The project is specifically looking at High Temperature
Short Time processing.


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