Heater uses steam injection to achieve cost savings

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A steam method for heating water is cheaper and more efficient than
current exchangers used by food processors, the manufacturer

The EZ Heater eliminates the plugging and fouling problems caused by current exchangers used by the industry, said its manufacturer Hydro-ThermalCorp​.

EZ Heater uses direct steam injection and serves as a cheaper alternative to the heat exchangers used in food processing,

Since all of the available heating energy from the steam is absorbed by the water, companies can dramatically reduce their fuel costs, the company claims.

Heat exchangers transfer heat through a conducting wall from one fluid to another. Water quality, fouling, plugging and rust reduce the efficiency of the heat transfer process.

The EZ Heater is a small piece of equipment that uses steam from a plant's boiler and injects it directly into the water stream. The water to be heated enters at the EZ Heater inlet valve, flowspast a diffuser and is discharged at the outlet.

The steam heating the water enters at another the inlet and travels down through the diffuser where it is injected into the water through small holes. The operator can control the amount of steaminjected or heating required to within one to two degrees celsius.

The high velocity steam discharge allows food processors to produce a uniform heating of the water, Hydro-Thermal said in an announcement.

EZ Heater can accommodate flow ranges of up to 600 gallons per minute. The heater can produce a 250F (121C) temperature rise.

The EZ Heater is also self-cleaning and has only three replacement parts. It can also be mounted in-line or above the target vessel to save floor space.

"The company has spent the last 12 months perfecting the EZ Heater and testing it in industrial, food, chemical, pulp and paper and concrete manufacturing facilities across the country,"​ stated Gary Zaiser, the Hydro-Thermal's CEO.

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