Amino Acid

Parabel's water lentil harvesting facility in Florida

Barentz backs water lentils for protein

Dutch ingredients player Barentz International has partnered with Floridian biotech start-up Parabel USA to globally distribute ‘water lentil’-derived protein.

Kellogg Company fellow: '… There are a lot of patents on this. You may find yourself in a very litigious world if you’re using these without the go-ahead from your lawyers'

Dispatches: AACCI annual meeting 2014

Kellogg: Acrylamide reduction is a heavily patented world

By Kacey Culliney

Bakery and snack makers looking to mitigate acrylamide have many options, but they’ll have to navigate through a heavily patented world of ideas, says a fellow at Kellogg Company.

Snack Size Science: Getting to the heart of acrylamide

Snack Size Science: Getting to the heart of acrylamide

By Stephen Daniells

FoodNavigator's Snack Size Science brings you the week's top science. This week, acrylamide intakes may not pose a problem for pre-menopausal breast health, but it may be dangerous for heart health, according to a couple of new studies. And...

The chemistry of delicious

Christmas feature

The chemistry of delicious

If only they taught chemistry in schools as it happens at Christmas tables across Europe. For here lies the secret of delicious. Come next weekend, the centrepiece from north to south will be a roast. A British turkey, a German goose, a French roast beef:...

Protein packing

Protein packing

Whey proteins remaining after cheese-making are now being added as
a key ingredient to new nutritious snack foods in a new process
devised by the Agricultural Research Service.


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