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Enhance the shelf life of baked goods now!

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Enhance the shelf life of baked goods now!

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Fats in baked foods influence its softness and flavour, however it is also prone to acceleration of oxidation under high temperatures leading to rancidity and shorter shelf-life. Antioxidants can prevent this oxidative rancidity, but most of the prevalent food antioxidant are not stable at high temperatures.

Mane Kancor has created OxiKan, an award-winning, label-friendly, highly refined natural antioxidant solution with high thermal stability, that does not adversely impact the final application's colour, odour or flavour. 

Download the technical paper on Comparative Study on Shelf-Life Enhancement of baked products using OxiKan, TBHQ, Ascorbic Acid and Mixed Tocopherol

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