New product showcase 2021: Airly slashes GGE with Oat Clouds, Lovenature Organic rolls out new retail line and Baldor launches veggie-forward culinary snacks

By Gill Hyslop

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Looking for that perfect snack? Pic: GettyImages/KuznetsovDmitry
Looking for that perfect snack? Pic: GettyImages/KuznetsovDmitry

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Airly Foods claims its Oat Clouds will remove between 18g-21g of Co2 from the air with each box sold; Lovenature Organic’s mission to get high quality ingredients into the hands of everyone is bolstered with a new retail line; and veggies get a makeover as guilt-free on-the-go snacks.

From seed to shelf


Airly Foods is taking action to help reverse climate change through food. According to the startup, each box sold of its flagship Airly Oat Clouds removes between 18g-21g of CO2 ​from the air,  equivalent to almost 3,000 beach balls worth of air. By purchasing a box of the oat and grain crackers, consumers are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“From seed to shelf, Airly considers its impact on the environment every step of the way, using cutting-edge technology and the latest scientific innovations to support our planet’s health,”​ said Dr Mark Izzo, co-founder and chief science officer of Airly, which is part of Bright Future Foods, a wholly owned subsidiary of Post Holdings.

“By connecting world-leading scientists with farmers, we’re able to grow our wholesome oats on zero CO2 ​emission farms. Through carbon farming practices that remove CO2 ​from the air by sequestering it in the soil, this can make agriculture part of the solution to climate change, rather than a contributor.”

Airly purchases carbon credits to offset any footprint from its minimally processed production and transportation system. These carbon credits benefit various US agricultural and forestry projects, allowing the cracker producer to re-invest in the land and continue the cycle of planting more acres, crops and plants.

Airly Oat Clouds are available in four flavours, including Cheddar Oat Clouds (removes 21g of CO2​ from the air); Sea Salt (removes 19g of CO2​); Chocolate (18g) and Salted Caramel (19g). Available from the company and on Amazon, with plans to roll out in select retails across the US later this year.

Inclusive indulgence

Mrs Crimbles

Mrs Crimble’s – a gluten-free bakery brand owned by Ecotone UK – has launched a vegan snack made with oats, the fastest growing product ingredient across the packaged grocery, according to IRI data for the 52 w/e to February 2021.

Mrs Crimble’s Soft Oaty Bakes with Chocolate are made with vegan Belgian chocolate and gluten-free oats to offer a good source of fibre, and are portion-controlled at just 155 calories per bake.

“The Mrs Crimble’s brand speaks to both lifestyle consumers and coeliac sufferers – turning the outdated view of gluten-free food on its head with tasty, high quality bakes that all can enjoy,” ​said Vicky Hazel, Mrs Crimble’s brand controller at Ecotone UK.

“Our mission is to offer inclusive indulgence, which is why we’re innovating with vegan-friendly ingredients and creating lower calorie options. We’re confident our new Oaty Bakes will have strong appeal for new and existing consumers, fulfilling those mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack occasions.”

Accredited as a B-Corp brand, Mrs Crimble’s is a supporter of Fareshare UK, a British charity focused on fighting hunger and food waste by redistributing surplus food to frontline charities.

Mrs Crimble’s Soft Oaty Bakes are individually wrapped and launching in Tesco in the UK in multipacks of four for an RRP of £2.25.

Breakfast just got a whole lot crunchier

New Cap'n Crunch Products

Cap’n is releasing three new products just in time to bring the sun into summer.

Cap’n Crunch Treats combines a fan favourite cereal with crisped rice and drizzled with a sweet coating. The cereal bars come in two variants – Crunch Berries and Peanut Butter Crunch – and are available in multipacks of eight bars for an RRP of $3.49.

Cap’n Crunch’s Chocolate Caramel Crunch pairs two popular flavours and can be found alongside other Crunch favourites in the cereal aisle for an RRP of $2.98.

Cap’n Crunch Chocolatey Churro Bites make a great snack for that crunch-to-go. The bite-sized crunchy churros are available in 12-pouch packs for an RRP of $5.49.

All Cap’n Crunch treats and cereals are widely available from retailers across the UK.

Breakfast in a bar

Breakfast Bar

Vital Farms, a certified B. Corp with a mission to serve up ethical food, is set to release Breakfast Bars in four flavours to evoke feelings of nostalgia for indulgent comfort foods.

With two in five Americans opting to snack instead of sitting down to three standard meals, the bars are a convenient way to enjoy breakfast on-the-go.

Made with Vital Farms pasture-raised whole liquid eggs, pasture-raised cheese, humanely raised meat and vegetables, with no added sugar, preservatives, colours, flavours or fillers, each 3 oz. Breakfast Bar has 7g-14g of protein and is under 200 calories per serving.

Available in four varieties, including Uncured Bacon & Cheddar Cheese with Hashbrowns, Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese with a Pastry Crust, Sausage & Cheddar Cheese with a Cheese Crust and Southwest Fire Roasted Corn with Sweet Potato.

Breakfast Bars are rolling out across the US in Whole Foods and other retailers from August for an RRP of $3.99 per bar.

Free to enjoy


UK gluten-free food brand FREEE is launching two new breakfast cereals, both packed with fibre to get the day off to a good start.

According to the brand, its Fruit & Fibre Flakes is the first certified, vegan and gluten-free fruit and fibre cereal to roll out on UK supermarket shelves, while its Supergrain Hoops is made with ancient grains like buckwheat, oat, teff and quinoa.

FREEE Fruit & Fibre (375g RRP: £3.99) comprises crunchy toasted breakfast flakes mixed with coconut, banana, sultanas and apple, and made without nuts or any of the top 14 allergens.

FREEE Supergrain Hoops (300g RRP: £2.99) is made from toasted superfood grains lightly coasted in organic syrup. The cereal is also certified organic and vegan, and made without nuts or soya.

Both products were highly rated in pre-launch quantitative market research and are rolling out in major supermarkets across the UK.

“Interest in healthy breakfast options has risen over the past year, as consumers have become increasingly interested in the impact food can have on overall wellbeing,” ​said Clare Marriage, FREEE founder.

“Our new cereals offer people a convenient and tasty way to increase their fibre intake and are also gluten free, organic and vegan, so we expect the launches to entice new health and environmentally conscious consumers into the market.”

Veggie-forward culinary creations


Baldor Specialty Foods has expanded its Urban Roots retail line with a trio of ready-to-eat better-for-you veggie snacks.

The new additions to the popular retail line pair fresh, cold, crisp veggies with plant-based dips and dressings, and are conveniently packaged for guilt-free snacking while on-the-go.

The three new offerings include Sugar Snap Peas with Ginger Miso Dip, Crudité with Gotham Greens Vegan Goddess and Carrot & Celery Sticks with Vegan Buffalo Dip.

As they’re ready-to-enjoy right out of the package, these Urban Roots snack pairings eliminate the usual prep-time and mess associated with making snacking healthy. 

Each Urban Roots healthy snack is made fresh daily. The Bronx-based producer is known for its quick production turnaround – going from knife to shelf in less than 24 hours.

“Urban Roots pairs Baldor’s obsession with quality and logistics which delivers innovation, convenience, and deliciousness to the produce aisle,”​ said Baldor’s VP of Sales & Marketing Benjamin Walker.

“As we make our ways back to work and resume our busy schedules, Urban Roots is making healthy snacking easier than ever.”

Urban Root snacks are available through Baldor Home Delivery and at select Whole Foods in the North East and other metro-grocery markets.

Back to nature, with love


Lovenature Organic’s mission is to get high quality ingredients into the hands of everyone. The brand – launched in 2016 – sells its products of organic grains, flours and syrups to 10 countries.

With consumer interest in gluten-free ingredients that are sustainably sourced, Lovenature Organic has launched its own retail line in major retailers across Europe. The new line consists of 15 cupboard staples, including Organic Chickpea Flour (£1.28), Organic Oat Flour (£1.07), Organic Coconut Flour (£0.99) and Organic Almond Flour (£3.50).

Lovenature Organic takes a proactive approach when it comes to regenerative farming. Through its direct relationship with farmers, it is actively supporting a sustainable agricultural system that gives back to the environment and indigenous communities, with particular focus on farming projects in Uganda and Indonesia.

From using banana leaf as a natural fertiliser to teaching farmers less labour intensive techniques, there are many steps that the company – which is currently applying to become B Corp Certified – is taking to ensure its sustainability commitment. Over the next year, the brand will be rolling out a number of projects to help farmers become organic certified, which will pay them above average for their produce.

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