BakeryandSnack Chat Podcast: Discussing the next big mega trend

By Gill Hyslop

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BakeryandSnack Chat Podcast: Discussing the next big mega trend

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Not long after probiotics became the big buzzword, prebiotics became a thing. More recently, postbiotics have begun circulating – and are now slated to be the next mega trend.

Probiotics are the ‘good’ bacteria that colonise the digestive system and support many functions of the immune system. Prebiotics essentially feed probiotics, helping them survive and reproduce through the process of fermentation.

Now, there’s an emerging fascination in postbiotics, which are the byproducts of probiotic bacterial fermentation, essentially, the ‘waste product’ that is left behind when microbiota feed on certain types of fibre molecules in order to thrive.

In NPD circles, the excitement comes in being able to use bacteria in harsh processing and non-traditional applications such as baked goods and snacks. According to ADM, postbiotics offer the flexibility to be incorporated into food and beverage matrixes, since they are easy to standardise and store and have a longer shelf life.

Recent research is showing that postbiotics might play an essential role in gut health, particularly in conditions like diabetes, side effects due to obesity, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), leaky gut syndrome and skin problems like acne, among others.

World’s first postbiotic targeting visceral fat reduction

This is gaining more recognition as consumer’s focus becomes more sharpened on the microbiome and its significance in overall wellbeing.

A leader in the microbiome field, ADM has conducted intensive research to develop a proprietary range of microbiome modulators that impact a broad span of health and wellness needs.

The company’s heat-treated BPL1 is the world’s first postbiotic targeting visceral fat reduction and metabolic health and retains its functionality even in a heat-treated state. It can be used in all food and beverage applications without limitation – to add the healthy weight and metabolic properties.

BakeryandSnacks chats to June Lin, global VP of Marketing, Health & Wellness at ADM to find out more about its award-winning Bifidobacterium lactis ​probiotic and what makes the HT-BPL1 postbiotic.

Lin delves into the company’s groundbreaking probiotic, which is supported by clinical research for body mass index. BPL1 is actually a unique strain, as it is available as a live probiotic and also as a heat-treated postbiotic that retains functional benefits in the form of reduced waist circumference reduction.

Heat treated, HT-BPL1 does not contain live microorganisms and is much more tolerant to heat, making it ideal for use in products like snacks or baked goods, giving producers the opportunity to capitalise on snowballing consumer demand for metabolic health solutions in a wide variety of applications and convenient formats.

Listen to our podcast to find out more.

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