America’s most favoured sipping/snack combos revealed

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A survey commissioned by Coca-Cola has revealed what America's most favourite snack combination is a fizzy beverage. Pic: Coca-Cola
A survey commissioned by Coca-Cola has revealed what America's most favourite snack combination is a fizzy beverage. Pic: Coca-Cola

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Coca Cola has released the results of a new consumer study to find out what appeals to American adults when they are at their ‘hangriest’.

The study commissioned by the beverage giant revealed that three in five people admit to snacking more during quarantine.

Being ‘hangry’ means being bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.

At their hangriest, nearly half (48%) of the nation said they would walk over a mile to fulfil their craving for a salty snack paired with a sweet cola, which is another reason why Coca-Cola wanted to uncover America’s most craved Coca-Cola flavour and snack combinations.

Snackable data

Coca-Cola Flavors Infographic

The iconic fizzy beverage comes in four flavours – Coca-Cola Cherry, Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla, Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla and Coca-Cola Vanilla (each offered in Zero Sugar varieties, too) – which the maker contends are the perfect accompaniment to salty snacks.

The findings from the survey backed this up, revealing that:

Generations universally admit to snacking more during the pandemic.

However, Gen Zs  (73%) are the most dedicated to the snack search, with 8% claiming to be willing to trek over four miles to get their hands on the snack that they are craving the most at that particular time.

54% of Gen Xs and 48% of Baby Boomers also concede to indulging more since the pandemic broke out in March last year.

Across America, the nation’s most craved Coca-Cola flavour is Cherry.

While the majority (52%) of those surveyed opted to pair the beverage with a cheesy pizza, depending on where they live, fans generally differ on salty snack choice.

For example, the pizza-cola combo was mainly picked by Americans who abide in the West and Southwest of the country.

The survey found that 58% of those living in the Midwest prefer to pair their drink with a packet of potato chips, while 51% of the population in the Southeast like French fries.

49% of those living in the Northeast part of the country crave the sweet/salty combo of Cocoa-Cola Cherry with chicken wings.

The survey also revealed that Coca-Cola Vanilla is the most versatile beverage, pairing easily with pizza, pretzels, popcorn, French fries and cheese & crackers, as well as healthier snacks like hummus with veggies.

Men (42%) are bigger combo-snackers than women (40%), possibly driven by the need to enhance their sport-watching moments. Women tended to go for the combo on a weekend afternoon.

That said, Americans also love to pair the two while bingeing on shows and movies (38%); while on a family road trip (35%); while playing video or board games (35%); and when they want a caffeine boost (31%).

Coca-Cola flavour curators

Merrell Twins Hero Image
The Merrell Twins

Coca-Cola has crowned social media sensations The Merrell Twins as its official flavour stewards – or Coca-Cola Flavour Curators – to spread the snacking word.

Veronica and Vanessa Merrell work together as social influencers, actresses, singers and producers and have a dedicated fan base of 1.6MM followers on Instagram and 4.4MM combined followers on TikTok. The duo has three YouTube channels – namely, ‘Merrell Twins’, ‘Merrell Twins Live’ and ‘Roni & Nessa’ – and have appeared in ‘Jane the Virgin’, ‘Faking It’ and ‘Switched’.

The twins will share their favourite sweet/salty combo on Instagram, encouraging others to share their own favs using #unbelievablydelicious.

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