Trendspotting: Bread is back, yeah, baby, yeah!

By Gill Hyslop

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Bread is so much more than just the staff of life. Pic: ©GettyImages/Lo-verm/Robin Olimb
Bread is so much more than just the staff of life. Pic: ©GettyImages/Lo-verm/Robin Olimb

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Facebook IQ’s 2019 Topics & Trends Report confirmed what BakeryandSnacks had picked up on long ago: bread’s renaissance is a rising, hot topic on social media.

Despite being a mature and declining category, the matter of bread was – by leaps and bounds – the most shared from BakeryandSnacks during 2018.

Our report on the Most Popular and Most Shared Stories of 2018 – out later this month – lists an array of bread-related stories published this year, written because the subjects were highly topical.

Getty Images - old couple eating bread in bed bernardbodo

Want to stay young? Eat bread, says study

Major breakthrough: Scientists finalize billion-piece jigsaw puzzle by cracking modern bread wheat code

We also increased our bread content after noting the increasing popularity of these articles, particularly those that touched on the ease of incorporating nutrients into naturally fermented doughs.

Clearing up confusion: Long-awaiting law to know your sourdough from your whole wheat

Sourdough starter bydesignvisuals

Alternative flours and sourdough tech ups functional properties of baked goods: Study

Now, Facebook has reiterated that conversation surrounding the humble loaf has had social media in a buzz.

Given the size and scope of its platform, it claimed the topics that commandeered most of the conversation over the past year are demonstrative of trends on the cusp of going mainstream.

‘These are the trends that people have been talking about, that the market is ready for and that can help inform [a producer’s] choices around marketing campaigns, creative strategy and product development.’

“Bread has gotten a bad rap. For years, many diets put the popular carb on forbidden lists. But the health conscious tides may be turning,” ​said Lucie Greene, global director at The Innovation Group at J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, which contributed to the report.

“Food start-ups are innovating bread with processes like ‘slow carb baking,’ or slow natural fermenting, which creates breads with lower glycemic indexes (GI). In the process, they are also creating loaves with increased bioavailability of nutrients.

GettyImages bread tape measure enciktat

Consuming fiber and protein-enriched fruit bread could curb appetite: Study

Game changer update: UK’s Federation of Bakers responds to government’s announcement of fortifying bread with folic acid

“In doing so, food start-ups are generally raising awareness that not all bread is bad – it’s the overly processed, sugar- and preservative-laden varieties that have proven problematic for many diet plans,” ​she said, adding consumers increasingly talked about alternative flours – like spelt and rice flours – and ancient grains.

In fact, einkorn wheat was one of the biggest talking points on Facebook, with 54% of 34-54 year olds users deliberating its benefits over the year.

Low gluten wheat alternative wins sustainable food award

Soya flour offers bakers the protein boost to capitalize on growing tend

“We also see interest in baking overall growing as, for example, conversation about crust is on the rise,”​ said Greene – a statement we can confirm following the tremendous response our Crust of the matter article invoked.

Bread crusts Adam Gault
©GettyImages/Adam Gault

Crust of the matter: The bread crust is better-for-you than the rest of the bread, say scientists

Facebook IQ’s 2019 Topics & Trends Report – with contributions from global trend spotters The Innovation Group, PSFK and Stylus – explores the topics of conversation and insights behind the 2018 growth of seven categories, including Food & Drink, Mind & Body, Science & Technology, and so forth.

Predictably, the trends of green products and sustainability dominated across all categories.

GettyImages businessman with bread Shaf Bdn
©GettyImages/Shaf Bdn

UK bakery chain has developed a sourdough made from surplus loaves to cut down on food waste

However, the social media giant said food topics also popped up outside of cuisine discussions, as people took new interest in the health and wellness benefits of some ingredients.

“Wellness is becoming an increasingly important part of people’s daily lives – one that they are willing to spend money on,”​ said Scott Lachut, partner and president of Research and Strategy at PSFK, noting that consumers – especially Millennials – are placing great value on experiences more than objects.

“The trend happens as people’s attitude towards nutrition and wellness becomes more evolved and sophisticated. In the face of dietary concerns, this is an example of a previously ‘unhealthy’ food category being reinvented by rethinking the process, returning to natural and traditional techniques over mass production,”​ added Greene.

Knead to know: Survey shows what Americans really think about bread

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