Puratos takes a novel look at reducing fat in baked goods with virtual reality campaign

By Gill Hyslop

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Puraslim lowers the fat levels in baked goods without affecting the taste. Pic: ©iStock/AND-ONE
Puraslim lowers the fat levels in baked goods without affecting the taste. Pic: ©iStock/AND-ONE

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The Brussels-based speciality ingredients developer took a different look at bread through a virtual reality campaign to reiterate the benefits of its Puraslim range of bread mixes and improvers.

According to Pascale Jantcheff, Puratos’ group marketing services director, the company chose the multisensory campaign to get the message across to customers of how the range of ingredients really work. The video highlights how water replaces the use of fat in the bread when using Puraslim.

“Digital technology and changing user expectations have transformed the way we communicate and do business. Mobile devices have enabled consumers to incorporate technology into every aspect of their daily lives. It also literally fits the Puraslim concept, which takes ‘a different look at bread’,”​ he told BakeryandSnacks.

Fat busting R&D

Puraslim is a combination of emulsifier, enzyme and flavor technology garnered from several years of research in reduced-fat bakery products.

It is an alternative to fat, shortening, oil, margarine or butter in breads and cakes in order to improve nutritional facts by reducing calories and fat levels, while mimicking all the properties of traditional fat - such as softness, short bite, shelf life and taste.

“Let’s take the example of a sweet bun: this product is generally considered to have 15% fat by flour weight, but a Puraslim bun only contains 5%,”​ said Bram Develter, Puraslim production manager.

“The nutritional impact of Puraslim is 10% fewer calories, 47% less fat and a reduction of 45% in saturated fat content. In this case, nutritional claims such as ‘reduced in fat’ and ‘reduced in saturated fat’ are valid, according to EU legislation.”

Consumer preference for lower fat

Puratos reported sensory analysis (in blind tests) showed that 81% of consumers liked the Puraslim recipe as much as the higher-fat version. More importantly, their preference and intent to purchase significantly increased when told the product was reduced in fat.

“When consumers across the globe buy bread, pastry and patisserie, their decisions are driven by three key criteria: freshness, healthiness and taste. Those three elements form what we call ‘the baked goods triangle,’”​ said Jantcheff.

“This is a key conclusion of our Taste Tomorrow survey, in which we interviewed 11,000 consumers in 25 countries about their choices, attitudes and perceptions all related to the baked goods industry,”​ she said.

Lowering fat content worldwide

Puraslim is produced and targeted at the industrial bakery, retailer with instore bakeries and artisanal bakery sectors in 33 countries worldwide, including the UK.

Develter explained the range has been adapted according to the application (that is, the local breads that vary from country to country – take the French baguette versus the Italian ciabatta, for instance), so product quantities and price do vary.

Despite using water to replace fats, he also said there was no change in water activity between a standard recipe and one that uses Puraslim.

“So, there is no effect on the product shelf life,”​ said Develter.

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