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AFFI all natural frozen food

Preview: AFFI Con 2014

AFFI-Con to focus on ‘all natural’ labels

By Rachel Arthur

‘All natural’ packaging will be thrown into the spotlight at AFFI-Con (The American Frozen Food Institute Convention) next week.

ABF calls Oxfam food ethics attack ‘ridiculous’

ABF calls Oxfam food ethics attack ‘ridiculous’

By Shane Starling

Associated British Foods – worst-in-class in an Oxfam report critical of 10 food giants for essentially operating under a corporate social responsibility (CSR) “veil of secrecy” – has hit back, slamming the report ‘s findings as “ridiculous”.

Re-using food waste a priority

UK food industry to play role in WRAP’s £2bn savings plan

By Mike Stones

UK food manufacturers and the wider food industry are expected to play a significant role in helping to save the UK economy £2bn through preventing waste and curbing CO2 emissions, according to plans from the government-funded, Waste & Resources Action...

A fair trade future

Weekly comment

A fair trade future

The world needs an independent trade watchdog to properly regulate
the international food supply chain if we as a society are to truly
create a more sustainable and ethical food market.

RFID: Ready for takeoff?

RFID: Ready for takeoff?

By Ahmed ElAmin

New global standards, better data tracking and cuts in prices for
radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and inlays has put the
magic takeoff level for the technology within reach for food
processors, according to analysts.


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