Tracking system alternative to RFID, developers claim

By Ahmed ElAmin

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The integration of a system for reading barcodes or other
information labels with sales order software offers processors an
accurate method of tracking products, the developers claim.

UK-based Bizerba Niche Systems today announced it has partnered with Image ID to intergrate the two companies' products to offer a turnkey order processing and traceability solution for the food industry. "The integrated solution will enable manufacturers to realise the full benefits of compliance with food traceability legislation and meet retailer mandates, while achieving greater supply chain efficiencies,"​ the companies stated. Image ID's Visidot is a system for identifying products or containers tagged with industry-standard barcode, or data matrix labels, or the company proprietary ColorCode tags. This is now being tied together with Niche's "Nucleus" sales order processing system and weighing and labelling technology. The companies stated Visidot achieves full accuracy in actual installations and provides a cost-effective alternative to radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for food manufacturers and processors. Visidot provides an automated method for high-speed, high-accuracy acquisition of hundreds of labels in a single read, Image ID claimed. Companies deploying Visidot will be able to identify and track every item entering and leaving the supply chain, achieving compliance with European legislation, including EU General Food Law Regulation 178/2002, the companies claimed. "They will also benefit from greater speed and accuracy of traceability throughout the supply chain, while minimising product safety risks by facilitating a quick pinpoint recall in case of a problem,"​ they stated. The use of the Visidot system, which takes a single-shot capture of the data, speeds up the process compared to traditional hand-held scanning to seconds from minutes, the companies claimed. The capture device also delivers an image of the captured assets for archiving purposes, to be used as a proof in case of a dispute or insurance claim. It can also be used to verify the assets' presence or condition, ensuring that shipping errors are eliminated, the companies claimed. "Improvements in accuracy and order fulfilment are achieved because the capture device can record the exact location of assets - ideal for locating any lack or surplus of products that may be in an order,"​ the companies claimed. The system is linked to the process control systems on the factory floor, so that faulty products or incorrect orders can be stopped immediately, before entering the manufacturing production process or dispatch, the companies said.

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