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Helen Plant, AHDB senior analyst: 'One of the challenges this year has been, or is becoming… there is a quality issue emerging'

Commodity Reports: AHDB

Wheat supply up but ‘quality issue emerging’

By Kacey Culliney

Wheat supplies have hit record levels across the globe, but for France and some other European markets quality concerns are emerging, warns an analyst.

Loma metal detector

Loma to expand processing machinery in 2014

By Jenny Eagle

Loma, inspection equipment supplier, which works with Unilever, McCain's, Nestlé and Cadbury’s, has expanded its QuickShip Program for customers who need machinery in time for their pre-Christmas orders.

Blue Diamond said growers weren't sure why the almonds were smaller this year, but said almond size varied according to historic patterns

This year’s almonds ‘smallest in 40 years’


This year’s almond crop has produced the smallest almonds in 40 years, meaning potential problems for food manufacturers that rely on a particular size of whole or sliced almond, according to Blue Diamond Growers.

CNI brings healthy fibre to food makers

CNI brings healthy fibre to food makers

Colloides Naturels International targets natural market demand with a combination of a wheat fibre and an acacia gum fibre that provides non-soluble and soluble fibre for a wide variety of food applications.