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Fruit snacks hold less appeal than potato chips for impulsive consumer, analyst says

Fruit snacks: Up against the impulsive consumer

By Kacey Culliney

Fruit snack manufacturers must promote planned snacking and offer multi-pack formats to survive alongside less healthy, indulgent alternatives that are fuelled by impulse buys, an analyst says.

FDA to probe consumer understanding of fortification

FDA to probe consumer understanding of fortification

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said it intends to examine consumer understanding of fortified foods, to work out whether people consider generally unhealthy snack foods to be healthier if they contain added nutrients.

Claim free a possible emerging trend says Mintel's David Jago

Dispatches from IFT Las Vegas

‘Claim free’ trend may lie around the corner

By Rod Ady

A ‘claim free’ trend may be set to emerge, with consumers becoming blind to complicated labels and pack assertions they may clamour for simple, natural ingredients they can understand without explanation.

Something to smile about: Pom-Bear sales have reached about £15M

Intersnack's seven figure investment in UK snacks

By Rod Addy

European giant Intersnack is challenging PepsiCo and United Biscuits brands in the UK as it prepares to dramatically increase its profile, with a seven-figure investment in UK production.

SunOpta targets US pouch explosion

SunOpta targets US pouch explosion

By Ben Bouckley

Organic and specialty food firm SunOpta is targeting the refillable pouch market after installing two new flexible pouch filling lines in California and a second east coast facility in Pennsylvania.

Study says snack familiarity breeds satiety

Study: children expect familiar snack foods to be more filling

By Lynda Searby

A new study led by psychologists at the University of Bristol has found that when children are familiar with a snack food they will expect it to be more filling, suggesting that one way of preventing children from over-consuming snack foods is to give...

Protein packing

Protein packing

Whey proteins remaining after cheese-making are now being added as
a key ingredient to new nutritious snack foods in a new process
devised by the Agricultural Research Service.


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