Complementary? Bakery, snacks and confectionery converge in Cologne

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Is the clue in the name?
Is the clue in the name?
The team has been helping out sister site at ProSweets and ISM in Cologne this week and we couldn't help noticing how many snack players are exhibiting at one of Europe's largest candy shows.

We've seen a flurry of end products including popcorn, potato chips, nut ranges and fruit snacks, specialty ingredients such as fruit and chocolate pieces targeting bakers and donut production lines and processing equipment.

European snack titan Intersnack gobbles up a huge chunk of ISM floorspace - exhibiting a vast array of its snack brands and nestled in among confectioners, chocolate specialists and gum makers are many, many other small snack brands and private label manufacturers.

It seems that the overlap of snacks and confectionery is stronger than ever at this year's show - but is there business sense behind this? Do the two sectors complement one another? Is there a cross-over when targeting customers?

Please feel free to comment below. Share your thoughts - let's get this conversation started here on about, dare we say it, candy...

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