How is the food industry tackling salt reduction? GettyImages/AJ Paulsen

How is the food industry tackling salt reduction?

By Donna Eastlake

High levels of salt in food is becoming an increasing concern for healthcare professionals and consumers as the dangers of a high-salt diet becomes more widely understood. So how is the food industry tackling this issue?

Japanese scientists want to develop a commercially available chopstick-shaped device for daily use by those following a low-sodium diet or trying to reduce their salt intake. It can be adapted for Western cutlery, they told FoodNavigator. Image: Yoshinobu Kaji/Meiji University

Electrified cutlery could help salt reduction efforts

By Oliver Morrison

Knives and forks that send an electrical current to the tongue can enhance the saltiness and possibly the savouriness of low-sodium foods, scientists claim, and may help millions stick to a low-sodium diet without sacrificing taste.

Image: Getty/clubfoto

Salt campaigners take aim at meal deal snacks

By Oliver Morrison

Almost three quarters (70%) of snacks included in meal deals sold on the high street are dangerously high in saturated fat, salt and sugar (HFSS), complains new research from Action on Salt, with some contributing to a third of an adult’s maximum daily...

The link between a high salt intake and high blood pressure, which raises the risk of cardiovascular disease, is well established.  © iStock

Ireland's salt intake is falling - but still too high

By Niamh Michail

There have been “significant reductions” in salt intake among the Irish population thanks to voluntary industry efforts, says the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) - but intake is still more than double the recommended levels for men.

Salt reduction is complex and increased knowledge is needed, says review

Reducing sodium needs increased knowledge: Review

By Kacey Culliney

A scientific review has suggested that wider knowledge on the role of sodium chloride in baked goods is needed should industry wish to reduce levels successfully with little disruption to quality and taste.

CASH recognises bread industry efforts on salt reduction

CASH recognises bread industry efforts on salt reduction

By Jane Byrne

New UK research has found supermarkets’ unlabelled in-store bakery bread is generally higher in salt than the supermarkets’ packaged bread, with differences of more than half a gram between similar products.

Flavor firms can slash sodium but keep taste, says Bell

Flavor firms can slash sodium but keep taste, says Bell

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Food makers face increasing pressure to reduce sodium in their products, but it remains a major challenge to cut salt without affecting consumer taste perception. Could flavor companies have the answer?


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