Genetically Modified Organism


CFSAF: 'Gen Mills was forced to make decision because of Senate’s failure to act'

General Mills and Mars to roll out GMO labeling nationwide as Vermont deadline looms: 'We can’t label our products for only one state'

By Elaine Watson

It was prompted by pragmatism, rather than an ideological shift, but General Mills and Mars have resolved to roll out GMO labeling nationwide as Congress has proved unable to hammer out a federal solution that all stakeholders can get behind before new...

FAO survey: 38 countries believe different policies on GM has contributed to the risk of contamination

FAO calls for tighter GM controls

FAO: Global co-operation needed to curb GM contamination

By Nicola Cottam

Global contamination of non-genetically modified (GM) food and feed by GMOs will only increase without clearer policies and a tightening of the regulatory framework, says the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO).

“The simple and unique nature of our product made it possible to label original Cheerios as not being made with genetically modified ingredients,” said General Mills in a statement on Photo from

Original Cheerios going GMO-free

By Maggie Hennessy

General Mills says original Cheerios will now be made without genetically modified ingredients, citing consumers' growing preference for non-GMO food products. The change doesn’t apply to the other 11 varieties of Cheerios.


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