Food Security

China to keep up high grain production tempo

China to keep up high grain production tempo

By Ankush Chibber

China will continue to maintain a high rate of self-sufficiency in major grain output in order to achieve its food security target over the next decade, according to an official government-backed report.

RPC joins FAO and Messe Düsseldorf initiative

RPC joins Save Food initiative

By Joseph James Whitworth

RPC Group has joined the likes of Dow, Bosch, Ball Corporation, Ardagh Group and Siemens by becoming part of the SAVE FOOD initiative.

Yasmin Siddiqi global marketing director, DuPont Packaging.

Dispatches from Pack Expo

DuPont: Do more with less high performance packages

By Jenny EAGLE

DuPont showcased its Global Food Security Index at Pack Expo, highlighting a case study in Mexico where it created a duo-chamber pouch package, which lasts up to 12 months without refrigeration.

Food2053 will bring leaders from across the food supply chain to talk about the industry's future.

Future of the food industry at stake

By Jenni Spinner

A future-looking conference calls upon leaders from every aspect of the food supply chain to tackle issues with long-term impact on the industry.

A study finds that many Canadians don't have sufficient access to safe, nutritious food.

Food insecurity plagues Canadians

By Jenni Spinner

A University of Toronto researcher claims food insecurity in Canada is a serious problem; unless officials and producers team up, public health could suffer.

Fat chance for action on World Food Day

Special comment

Fat chance for action on World Food Day

‘Hunger down 50 per cent this year’, ‘Malnutrition eradicated in Africa’. Alas, dream headlines not gracing any newspapers this World Food Day. But if we hope to read them one day, governments, industry – and yes, individuals – need to stop thinking of...

GM: Breaking the stalemate

Weekly comment

GM: Breaking the stalemate

Food industry voices are joining those of politicians in the GM debate, hailing the controversial technology as the answer to the food supply crisis. But the hearts and minds of consumers must still be won.

Tightening security

Tightening security

Quality Assurance International, a global leader in certification
services, has launched a new Food Security Programme in response to
new requirements laid down by the FDA's bioterrorism regulations.


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