“A lot of enzymes are GM—in fact the most productive are GM. We don’t even have legislation around natural as it stands. Whether GMOs will be part of that legislation remains to be seen, but nature doesn’t like a vacuum,

Insights from Baking Tech 2014

Baking industry needs to better communicate GM enzyme benefits: DuPont

By Maggie Hennessy

Moving enzyme production largely into factories using genetically modification has resulted in better functioning enzymes, yet the bakery industry has been a poor communicator on both the ubiquity and benefits of GM enzymes, said one baking enzyme expert.

Campden BRI: Lipase, amylase and xylanase enzymes could cut costs for bakers

Special Edition - Minimizing costs through ingredients

Enzymes have money-saving potential, says Campden BRI

By Oliver Nieburg

Using enzymes as a baking processing aid can potentially reduce costs for manufacturers by partially replacing other ingredients or limiting waste, according to science and technology research firm Campden BRI.

Caravan Ingredients launches cracker enzyme technology

Dispatches from IFT 2012 Las Vegas

Caravan Ingredients launches cracker enzyme technology

By Rod Addy

US firm Caravan Ingredients showcased cracker enzyme technology that delivers greater throughput and less wastage for firms making the snack at the Institute of Food Technologists 2012 Annual Meeting & Expo, Las Vegas.

ABF acting on enzymes and yeast potential

ABF acting on enzymes and yeast potential

By Jess Halliday

ABF Ingredients is taking advantage of high demand in enzymes and yeast, with new capacity coming on board this year or next. But for the last year, growth was driven largely by currency benefits.


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