Uelzena eG

Uelzena eG

Uelzena Food Ingredients & Contract Manufacturing Services​
Uelzena offers high-quality milk based ingredients and is an expert in contract drying and processing. Well-known suppliers from the confectionery, chocolate and food industry trust in Ingredients and services made by Uelzena.

Skimmed milk powder​
Uelzena produces low heat and medium heat skimmed milk powders with finely tuned properties including the degree of denaturation, solubility parameters, low dusting properties, particle sizes and mixing behavior.   

Anhydrous and/or fractionated milk fat​
Uelzena not only offers butter and anhydrous milkfat but also customized milk fat products. Milk fat can even be fractioned physically and recombined into new customised products with defined melting points, defined degrees of hardness or a specific melting behaviour.

Sweetened condensed milk, cream and ice mixes   ​
Uelzena’s subsidiary “Warmsener Spezialitäten” produces sweetened condensed milk, versatile cream products and tailor made fat compounds for the bakery and delicatessen industry with various fat levels. Furthermore, they provide a range of milk based liquid ice cream mixes for preparing soft serve ice cream, scoop ice cream, Frozen Yoghurt and milk shakes. 

Contract spray drying and milk fat processing service​
Uelzena is a specialist in drying vitamins, minerals and vegetable extracts as well as flavors. Contract processing of butter and anhydrous milkfat and milk fat fractionation complete the services.