Designing vanillin-based solutions since 1884, Solvay​ is the world expert in vanillin, ethyl-vanillin and food functional solutions​. First to produce vanillin and ethyl-vanillin molecules on an industrial scale, we continue to provide innovation & safety to Food industries with an extensive range of vanillin-based solutions, in line with major Food trends: Natural, Performance Nutrition and Safety. Solvay’s portfolio includes natural ingredients​ to meet natural labeling /clean label requirements.

Solvay: a global vanillin leader

Solvay is the sole producer mastering the whole manufacturing chain from raw materials to its historic leading brands: Rhovanil®​vanillin and Rhodiarome®​ ethyl vanillin.
Solvay operates fully FSSC 22000 certified facilities on three continents: Saint-Fons (France), Baton Rouge (USA) and Zhenjiang (China) ensuring a unique supply security for its customers. Food technologists & applicative labs, called Vanil’Expert Centers are present​ in every region (US, France, China) to bring expertise support to customers.

Solvay: a natural & synthetic portfolio to meet global markets needs

Synthetic Vanillin
Rhovanil®​ displays the long lasting typical vanillin note characteristic from vanilla.
Govanil®​, Govalto​, are powerful vanillin-based solutions.
Rhovea®​ is a pure vanillin.

Ethyl Vanillin
Rhodiarome®​ is a highly pure ethyl vanillin.

Natural Vanillin
Rhovanil®Natural CW​ is a natural vanillin​ obtained by a patented bioconversion process.
Rhovanil®US NAT​, specially designed for the US market​, is a natural vanillin that complies with the US natural status FDA 21 CFR 101.22.

Vanilla bean extract replacers
Vanifolia®​, Vanifolia®​ Bean​ a comprehensive portfolio of food-functional solutions.