Sensus is a global supplier that offers inspiration for tomorrows' health by producing the innovative food ingredients Frutafit®​​ inulin and Frutalose®​​ oligofructose. From a natural source, these soluble dietary fibers can be applied to develop tasty, healthy food products. Besides offering several health benefits, inulin can be used to replace sugar and fat while improving taste and mouthfeel.

Inulin has scientifically-proven health benefits. Due to the specific bond of the fructose molecules, our digestive system is not able to break down the inulin. So, it reached the gut intact, and acts there as a dietary fiber. Dietary fiber improves digestion and bowel function, gut and heart health, and curbs appetite. Inulin is already part of our daily diet. It is naturally present in fruit and vegetables like onions, leek, bananas and garlic. Chicory roots are the main source for inulin.

Inulin comes in a range of powders and liquids with different technological properties. Both powders and liquids have similar nutritional and health properties.


  • Frutalose®​​ OFP – oligofructose, high in fiber
  • Frutafit®​​ CLR – inulin with high solubility
  • Frutafit®​​ HD – highly dispersible native inulin
  • Frutafit®​​ IQ – instant quality native inulin
  • Frutafit®​​ TEX! – inulin with excellent texturizing properties


  • Frutalose®​​ L85 – oligofructose, high in sweetness
  • Frutalose®​​ L92 – oligofructose, high in fiber

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