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Diabetes in China is a growing concern, with 22% of consumers worrying about the disease


Bakery for diabetics: How to storm into China

By Kacey Culliney

Developing baked goods for diabetics has heaps of potential in China given the rates of diabetes and mounting concern in the country, says Datamonitor Consumer.

Limited time spans and short contracts means co-manufacturers have to run a variety of products on the same line, says KW

Pack Expo 2014

Co-manufacturing boom sparks design challenge

By Kacey Culliney

The explosive shift towards co-manufacturing in bakery and snacks presents challenges for equipment suppliers because of a greater need for interchangeable lines, says Kliklok-Woodman (KW).

The tonnage of home grown wheat that was milled this year was up 25% on the previous year

Commodity reports: DEFRA

DEFRA: We’ll see a gradual switch back to UK wheat

By Kacey Culliney

UK wheat production had a strong year that should spark a gradual shift back to local sourcing, says the Department for Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) as it published its latest cereal usage statistics.

“This decision has opened a new doors for us, for example the supplement market as for example the chia seeds can’t be included in dietary supplements,” said Aurelie Vromaine, product manager at Ingredia.

Benexia chia oil wins EU novel foods approval

By Anna Bonar

The European Commission has approved Benexia chia oil as a novel food for use in food supplements and in place of other plant fats and oils in foods and drink applications.

'Consumers are looking for products that combine sensory attributes with health benefits,' says Datamonitor Consumer

Special Edition: Tasty Fat Replacement

Reduced-fat must engage senses far beyond taste

By Kacey Culliney

Manufacturers need to consider texture, sound and visuals when developing reduced-fat products because consumer expectations stretch far beyond taste, says Datamonitor Consumer.

New measures approved by the EU today will mean greater flexibility for EU member states to restrict or ban the cultivation of genetically modified crops in their own territories

EU backs bid for national bans on GM crops

By Nathan Gray

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have voted to allow individual countries within the EU to ban the cultivation of genetically modified food crops on their soil, even if the EU has already approved them for wider cultivation.

'For muffins you need to use milk – it’s an essential ingredient- but instead of milk they’re using yogurt,' says Datamonitor Consumer


Yogurt muffins: A protein punch with a twist

By Kacey Culliney

Baking muffins with yogurt can add a functional and nutritional punch while tapping into an explosive global trend, says a Datamonitor researcher.

EU's 2014 cereal harvest would hit records of 317m tons: 'Summer weather conditions have been favorable for the development of all summer crops'

Commodity reports: European Commission

EU cereal harvest to hit 2014 record

By Kacey Culliney

The EU cereal harvest will hit record levels this year, driving higher than average exports, says the European Commission (EC).

Finsbury is acquiring Fletchers Group of Bakeries in a £56M deal

Finsbury buys Fletchers Bakeries for £56M

By Michael Stones

Finsbury Food Group, the cake, bread and bakery goods manufacturer, has acquired the Fletchers Group of Bakeries for £56M from private equity owner Vision Capital.

Bruce-Gardyne says gluten-free food will become healthier

Gluten-free foods set to get much healthier

By Nicholas Robinson

Consumer demand for healthier products will push the UK's gluten-free (GF) food manufacturers to make further reductions to the fat, sugar and salt content of their foods, industry experts have reported.

Gluten is the main group of proteins in grains such as wheat

A glut of gluten approvals for Romer Labs

By Joseph James Whitworth

Romer Labs gluten G12 rapid tests have received AOAC approval to ensure that food producers meet the necessary standards and requirements.

Cassava could be used in a similar way to corn to provide starch sweeteners

Cassava shapes up as an alternative source for starch sweeteners

By Paul Gander

New research led by Du Pont Industrial Biosciences concludes that enzyme technology currently used with maize and wheat could be applied far more widely to cassava root starch to produce sweeteners such as glucose, fructose and maltose.

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