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McKee Foods secures Drake’s portfolio as Hostess cancels auction

McKee Foods secures Drake’s portfolio as Hostess cancels auction

By Elaine WATSON

It’s too early to say when Devil Dogs and Ring Dings will be back on shelves, but they - and other brands in the Drake’s snack cake portfolio - will likely be produced in plants in Collegedale, Tennessee and Stuarts Draft, Virginia, says new owner McKee...

Take Twinkies into dollar stores, says analyst

How will new owners stage a Twinkies revival?

By Kacey Culliney

Apollo and Metropoulos will have to work hard to drive forward Hostess’ snack cake brands in a saturated market but dollar stores could hold promise, an analyst says.

Ikea cake recalled due to possible human waste contamination

Ikea cake recalled due to faecal contamination

By Joseph James Whitworth

Ikea has stopped the sale of two affected batches of chocolate and butterscotch almond cake over fears it might be  contaminated with fecal matter.

Cream fillings with palm oil need lower cooling temperatures, says SPX

Rethinking sandwich cream processing after trans fat removal

By Oliver Nieburg

Manufacturers must rethink production of sandwich creams for bakery fillings and biscuits after a trend to remove trans fatty acids and reduce saturated fatty acids has affected the consistency of the final product, according to equipment firm SPX.

Glasgow University unleashes ozone weapon against microorganisms

Plasma power fights germs in food

By Rod Addy

Food processors can zap harmful organisms in packaged products using plasma power, thanks to a method just discovered by scientists at Glasgow University in Scotland.

Wheat use in feed still set to strain bakers and snack makers...

Commodity chats: With Rabobank

Wheat worries: Feed use could squeeze bakers

By Kacey Culliney

Use of wheat for feed should be lower than last year but will remain high and this could put more pressure on already tight supplies for the bakery and snacks industry, an analyst says.

CSM reduced-fat doughnuts

CSM slashes fat content in doughnuts by 40%

By Kacey Culliney

CSM has developed and filed a patent for a method to slash fat content in doughnuts by a minimum of 40% and end products are preferred by consumers, it says.

Gluten-free quality or nutrition?

Gluten-free festive bake-off: Quality vs nutrition

By Kacey Culliney has put together a ‘festive bake-off’ scouring all the science and research from 2012 on gluten-free products to see how efforts to improve quality and up nutrition compare.