Double functionality: Kirin and Kellogg’s join hands for new cereal product with gut health and immunity benefits

By Hui Ling Dang

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All-Bran Immune Care is a registered Food with Function Claims co-developed by Kirin Holdings and Kellogg's Japan. ©Kirin
All-Bran Immune Care is a registered Food with Function Claims co-developed by Kirin Holdings and Kellogg's Japan. ©Kirin

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Kirin Holdings and Kellogg’s Japan have co-developed a functional food with “double health claims”, which could also serve as a meal substitute, to meet the rising demand for products that improve intestinal environment and provide immune support at the same time.

All-Bran Immune Care, the new addition to Kellogg’s All-Bran series and a registered Food with Function Claims (FFC), comes after two years of development.

“Kellogg’s had approached Kirin to develop the product after analysing consumer needs for improvement of the intestinal environment through its All-Bran range. They found that there was also a strong interest in immunity, and hoped to offer a product that would satisfy the needs of people interested in these two functions,” ​Haruna Yamazaki of the Corporate Communications Department at Kirin Holdings told NutraIngredients-Asia​.

In addition, Yamazaki cited results from a survey conducted by healthtech company FiNC Technologies in August 2021.

The findings indicated that half of the 3,684 respondents who took care of their intestinal health were “highly concerned” about their immune system as well.

All-Bran Immune Care contains Kirin’s proprietary ingredient Lactococcus lactis​ strain Plasma (LC-Plasma), and arabinoxylan, a fermentable dietary fibre derived from wheat bran.

As LC-Plasma and arabinoxylan each have functional claims, the new product is branded as “a functional food with double health claims”.

“While cereals with functional claims already exist in the Japanese market, this is the first standalone ‘meal-type’ product — rather than just a snack or side dish — that has the function of immune maintenance due to its LC-Plasma content,” ​Yamazaki said.

Targeting non-cereal fans

Each 60g serving contains 100bn units of LC-Plasma, which has been reported to be the first lactic acid bacteria that activates plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs), a unique type of cell that acts as the commander of the immune system.

Widely claimed to maintain immune function in healthy people, the postbiotic is jointly studied by Kirin, Koiwai Dairy Products, and Kyowa Hakko Bio.

Through collaboration with universities and research institutions in Japan and overseas, more than 30 papers on LC-Plasma have been published and numerous presentations made at academic conferences.

On the other hand, wheat bran-derived arabinoxylan is said to regulate stomach conditions and improve bowel movements by increasing butyric acid-producing bacteria.

Studies have shown that these “good bacteria” play important roles in various biological functions, including balancing gut microbiota, promoting the development and maintenance of the intestinal mucosal barrier, preventing infections, modulating host immune responses, and providing a source of energy for colonic mucosal cells.

Kellogg’s All-Bran range is often marketed as high-fibre, wheat bran breakfast cereals that benefit digestive health.

With the launch of All-Bran Immune Care, the firms are targeting to win over even consumers who do not usually eat cereals.

“The bran flakes have a crunchy texture, while the taste is elevated by the dried fruits that have been mixed into the product. By adding the function of LC-Plasma to All-Bran, which can be enjoyed as a daily meal, Kirin aims to make immune care a more routine and habitual activity.”

All-Bran Immune Care will be available on Amazon Japan from June 26.

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