Trendsetters: Amazon-backed first-of-its-kind crisps, the UK’s biggest-ever sausage roll and cricket crackers

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Looking to fill a craving. We've got snacks for young and old. Pic: GettyImages/Jupiterimages
Looking to fill a craving. We've got snacks for young and old. Pic: GettyImages/Jupiterimages

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ParmCrisps is rolling out its first-ever 100% dairy-free cheese crisps, developed with Amazon-owned Whole Foods; Prestige Hampers is giving its mammoth sausage roll a festive touch; and brand new start up Small Giants cracks the ‘creepy taboo’ with crackers made with cricket flour.

Make some noise


Noisy Snacks has secured a listing with Tesco in Northern Ireland for six of its snacks, including the Great Taste Award winning Red Curry and Coconut Noisy Corn.

“We are delighted to be in Tesco who have been so forward thinking in recognising this experiential trend in snacking. Not only do consumers wants a delicious and satisfying snack, but are also crying out for exciting sensory experiences. Our snacks are developed to work on multiple levels to trigger an audio sensory meridian response (ASMR) to engage all of the senses to deliver a truly unique snacking experience,”​ said Noisy founder Noel Allen.

With double the amount of flavouring as regular snacks (8g instead of 4g per pack), the snacks pack an explosive mouth sensation. The 45g fully recyclable pack must be shaken loudly before opening to wake the flavour inside. The snacks are also suitable for flexitarians, with vegan options, and a good source of protein.

Tesco Northern Ireland outlets will be stocking Noisy Corn (Red Curry and Coconut and Jamaican Jerky), Noisy Bean Chips (Beef Brisket and Pulled Pork) and Noisy Chickpeas (Piri Piri Mango and Avocado & Lime).

Speed up the perfect bake 

Speedy Whip Sponge


Irish miller and bakery expert Kells has launched a Speedy Whip Sponge Blend to help bakers achieve a lighter result due to a stiffer batter.

The blend – which contains added colours or flavours – is extremely easy to use: all a baker needs is to simply add water to make Victoria Sponge-style cakes, sheets for celebration cakes or layer cakes and Swiss rolls.

“Time and resource continues to be a challenge for bakers and this has been even more apparent in the past few months,”​ said Robert Mosse, MD of Kells.

“The new Kells Speedy Whip Sponge Blend is the perfect solution for bakers who are looking for a versatile sponge mix that is quick and simple to use but doesn’t compromise on the final bake.”     

The Speedy Whip Sponge Blend joins Kells’ Sponge Cake Blend range, which includes the Complete Sponge, Kells Sponge and Chocolate Sponge.

Available online from the company.

First of its kind


ParmCrisps has once again broken through the confines of the cracker category with Plant-Based ParmCrisps developed in partnership with Whole Foods and its parent company, Amazon.

SPINS data for the past 52 weeks shows that ParmCrisps is the number one Cheese Crisp brand in both the Natural and Grocery category in the US, as well as the Natural Channel’s fastest growing brand in the entire cracker set.

Whole Foods was closely involved in the development of these first-ever 100% dairy free crisps, and will have an exclusive on the item in 2020.

The crisps are made from 100% dairy-free cheese and come in two timeless variants – Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper.

“The ParmCrisps innovation strategy has always been developed with the consumer top-of-mind,”​ said Sam Kestenbaum, CEO of ParmCrisps.

“When we noticed a trend toward plant-based snacking, we partnered with Whole Foods to create a solution for both our consumers and our retail partners. Plant-Based ParmCrisps is that solution, and it tastes so good that we’re confident both mainstream and plant-based consumers will fall in love.”

Consumers can find the plant-based cheese crisps in Whole Foods nationwide for an RRP of $4.79.

ParmCrisps are artisan-crafted, no sugar, no gluten snacks made from real, oven-baked cheese and premium seasoning, suitable for consumers following Keto, plant-based and sugar-free lifestyles.

Fit for a festive banquet

50cm_sausage roll

Prestige Hampers has launched its Christmas edition of the biggest known sausage roll in the UK.

The mammoth roll is three times the length (50cm) and eight times the weight (1.3kg) compared with other high street offerings and follows in the footsteps of the company’s Giant Sausage Roll, which became a big hitter after a punt from Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan.

“Now THIS is what I call a sausage roll, full of meat,”​ said Morgan. The Sun coined it a ‘3lb pork pastry monster’.

Prestige has also launched a Sausage Roll Christmas Wreath, packed with traditional British pork sausage meat, turkey, bacon and cranberries wrapped in all-butter puff pastry and topped with pastry stars.

According to the company, the festive feasts are designed to “bring joy to what has been a tough year for everyone, especially as we might not be able to enjoy a Christmas like we have been accustomed to.”

Made fresh and available online from 1 November.

Cracking the ‘icky’ factor


Small Giants is a brand new range of bite-sized savoury crackers made with cricket flour – a super sustainable source of protein, as crickets require a fraction of the water, land, feed and energy required to produce the equivalent protein from other sources.

The founders of the brand-with-a-purpose say these revolutionary snacks – which recently won a Great Taste Award – are a great way to eat insects without the ‘yuck’ factor.

“As attitudes towards edible insects are changing, we want to bring excitement, innovation and new consumers to the savoury snacks market which has seen little change in recent years,” ​said Francesco Majno, founder of Small Giants.

“Once people try our revolutionary snacks they love the taste and the taboo is broken, with 42% of British consumers are now willing to try eating insects.

“We’ve created a planet-positive insect-enriched snack that tastes great and offers a genuine alternative to those wanting to cut their consumption of animal-based foods and find an alternative source of protein.”

The crackers are made with 15% cricket flour, which adds an umami taste, a protein punch and a boost of vitamin B12. Other ingredients are 100% natural, including extra virgin olive oil and wheat flour.

Oven-baked, the snacks come in three variants: Tomato & Oregano, Turmeric & Smoked Paprika and Rosemary & Thyme.

Small Giant Crackers has recently been sized up by Tree of Life for UK distribution and will be available direct from the website and on Amazon on 30 October.

A breakfast toast

Brioche Style Cinnamon Chip Texas Toast (Lifestyle)

Calise Bakery has taken its first foray into the breakfast category with a Brioche Style Cinnamon Chip Texas Toast.

Bursting with cinnamon notes, the brioche – which is dairy- and egg-free – is ideal for an elevated French toast recipe, simply toasted and lightly buttered, or providing a base for dessert breads or casseroles.

“For four generations, Calise has been known for providing the freshest, best-tasting bread and rolls for lunch and dinner,”​ said Michael R. Calise, president of bakery situated in Rhode Island, US.

“Expanding our treasured brioche style bread into breakfast was a natural next step for us, but we took our time to ensure that what we brought to the table was truly different than anything else out there. Our new Brioche Style Cinnamon Chip Texas Toast offers a fresh take on the most important meal of the day, making it the perfect treat for the whole family.”

Calise Bakery Brioche Style Cinnamon Chip Texas Toast is available in select grocery stores, including Stop & Shop, Big Y, Price Chopper, Target, Shaw’s, Roche Bros, Adam’s, BJ’s Wholesale Clubs, Geissler’s and Adam’s in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut, for an RRP of $4.29 per 16oz loaf (approximately 13 slices).

Hitting the sweet spot


PEP Kitchen, a London-based vegan ready meal producer, has added bake-at-home vegan chocolate chip cookies to its delivery range.

Available in packs of six balls of chocolate chip cookie dough – baked from frozen in 15 minutes – the cookies retain the brand’s sustainable ethos: encouraging people to get excited by plant-based cooking, making it both easy and accessible to transition into a more vegan diet.

What better way to seal the deal than the smell of fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies.

The rollout also takes the aim of chef founders Ben MacAndrews and Joe Coulter one step closer in creating a one-stop-shop for vegan food that utilises the benefits of frozen convenience.

“These might not be for every day, and are a little bit of indulgence, but demonstrate yet again that, when made correctly, vegan or frozen food doesn’t have to be a compromise in any way,”​ said MacAndrews. “We challenge anyone who can honestly say they don’t love these cookies.”

PEP Kitchen also sells street food inspired meal kits and bundles designed around nutritional benefits.

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