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Interview: FrieslandCampina Kievit’s range of fat powders answer bakers’ calls for healthy indulgence

By Gill Hyslop

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FrieslandCampina Kievit's Vana-Lata range of dairy-based fat powders enable bakers to adapt to global food trends while mainintiong a focus on regional demands. Pic: Kievit
FrieslandCampina Kievit's Vana-Lata range of dairy-based fat powders enable bakers to adapt to global food trends while mainintiong a focus on regional demands. Pic: Kievit

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Dutch company FrieslandCampina Kievit is exploiting its 120 years of experience to develop innovative products in response to the bakery industry’s dichotomous demands for both clean label and indulgent experiences.

Gea de Groot, global product group manager of Kievit, told BakeryandSnacks that inhouse research  showed consumers crave healthy indulgence, preferably in ways that are Instagram-able.

In the bakery segment, this translates to artisanal items that consumers understand.

Clean label and all natural

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Gea de Groot

On the one hand, the trend towards clean label and all natural is rapidly growing.

According to Mintel, 38% of European consumers regularly check the ingredients list, while 39% avoid products entirely if they contain artificial additives or preservatives.

“Kievit’s own exclusive online listening research shows that two years ago, the topic ‘clean label’ was reserved for specialists and corporates, but today, consumers are embracing it as a trendy lifestyle. They demand clarity on the ingredients they consume, enabling them to make conscious choices,”​ said De Groot.

Sensorial experience

On the other hand, though, consumers still want indulgence and the bakery market is rising to that challenge by offering a larger than ever variety of products.

“Additionally, the look of a product has become as important as taste, along with variations in textures, flavors, colors – and even sound – to enhance the overall sensorial experience and make it a shareworthy product in this social-media driven world,”​ she added.

Based on these behaviors, Kievit developed a selection of concepts for its customers and updated its portfolio of fat powders.

The two new additions to its range of dairy-based fat powders include the butter-based Vana-Lata BB75B and the cream-based Vana-Lata CB72B, both developed to enable the bakery market to adapt to global food trends, while maintaining a focus on specific regional demands.

The company also published an online booklet entitled ‘Enhancing senses, enriching success’​ that delves into the trends in the bakery industry.

“The goal is to inspire customers, prospects and the market so that we work together on new indulgent consumer experiences.

“At Kievit, we believe that moments of feeling good matter and we want to enrich those moments.”

Two-pillar strategy

De Groot added, “Presenting our ideas and market-concepts in a trend booklet is something that you will see a lot more from us; it fits into the company’s two-pillar strategy of a) focusing on the development of applications and b) focusing on developing and applying innovative ingredients according to market needs, for example, how to make a stable product suitable to be used in an ambient temperature in, say, the Middle East.”

For this scenario, Vana-Lata BB75B ticks all the boxes with its enhanced sensorial buttery taste and 12-month shelf life, enabling manufacturers to open farther markets.

It also has excellent dough properties in combination with high protein and zero e-numbers.

Through its high butter content, manufacturers might be able to use the all-natural labeling (depending on local legislation), even though it is sold in powdered form.

One size does not fit all

FrieslandCampina 1

“Often what is needed in the market – globally and also locally – is a mix of our innovations. There’s never just one solution for everybody.

“At Kievit, we believe firmly that moments of feeling good matter for everybody – whether you live in China, the Middle East or the US.

She said the growing presence of online shops selling not just local products, but also imported products, is increasing awareness of what people are eating and drinking all over the world.

“Nowadays, food products are travelling beyond traditional borders, but consumers still want to them adapted to their own local preference, like, for example, matcha and chai tea. With our innovation kitchens in different locations, we can quickly address these challenge working side by side with local teams,”​ said De Groot.

Better nutrition

In her role as Product Group Manager, De Groot – who has worked for FrieslandCampina for 15 years – is responsible for gathering market information and transforming its value for the customer and consumer to leverage existing products and fill the innovation pipeline.

“We see healthy indulgence as better nutrition,”​ she said, adding that that is not to say that dairy-based ingredients are better than plant-based or vice versa.

“My role is to provide solutions the customer needs, but also those that fit in with the policy of our company and its approach on how to better serve the world in the future.”

De Groot told this site the company will be launching new ingredients in the whipping agent range, as well as plant-based solutions to boost its extensive portfolio within the next few months.

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