Snacking NPD at ISM: Chickpea biscuits and apple chips

By Gill Hyslop

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ProSweets, to be held in Cologne, Germany, next week, will be showcasing a startling variety of innovative NPDs.
ProSweets, to be held in Cologne, Germany, next week, will be showcasing a startling variety of innovative NPDs.

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ProSweets/ISM is not only about confectionery. Hundreds of bakery and snack makers will also tout their services– here are just a few examples of what they have to offer in Cologne, Germany (January 28 to 31, 2018).

Snack to go – Dr. Karg’s

Dr Kargs

Two of Dr. Karg‘s popular organic wholegrain crispbread snacks - Organic Cheese & Pumpkin Seed and Organic Spelt & Quinoa - are now available in convenient individual 30 g SnackPacks.

The crispy snacks address today’s demand for healthy nibbles, containing only natural ingredients, like wholewheat flour, grains and seeds, and no additives.

The snacks are made from kneaded dough, rolled out extra thin, then cut into bite-sized mini squares and oven-baked.

Dr. Karg’s Snackgenuss also come in 100 g bags, sold in assorted food retailers in Germany.

Dr Karg’s is a third-generation family-owned bakery that also produces organic bread, rolls, pastries and crispbreads from its facility in Schwabach in Germany.

Raw chocolate – Raw Snacks

Raw Snacks

Goji Cacao Protein Bar is Danish firm Raw Snacks’ answer to a chocolate bar. The sharp bitterness of raw cacao comes to the fore with the sweet addition of dates and goji berries to complete the balance.

Raw Snacks products are 100% organic and produced with Raw Food principles with organic ingredients sourced from Aarhus in Denmark.

As such, they are gluten-, lactose- and soy free, contain no sweeteners, additives, E-numbers or preservatives, and are vegetarian, vegan and paleo friendly. The products are also diabetic-friendly, although several of the variants may contain some carbohydrates.

Raw Snacks products are to be found all over Denmark and abroad.

Kids snack pack - ThreeWorks

Apple chips

ThreeWorks Apple Chips Snacky Pak contain apple chips with ridges to taste and crunch like potato chips with flavours engineered just for kids.

Hasbro created the non-GMO verified snacks in partnership with Transformers, Bananarama and My Little Pony.

They are made with only one or two ingredients, with no added sugars or artificial colors and flavors, are fat-, gluten-, nut- and peanut-free, and not fried.

The snacks are also a good source of fiber and Kosher certified.

Available in Canada and US.

Export a Maltese classic – Tastees


Tastees is an extruded rice-based baked snack, coated with natural cheese to provide a tasty mouth feel and a crunchy feature.

The range include Tastees Cheese, Tastees Low (in fat and salt), Tastees BBQ, Tastees Smokey and Tastees Chilli Cheese.

Tastees is the export brand for Twistees, which has been from the original factory in Marsa in Malta for over 50 years by Darrell Lee Foods.

Today, Tastees is exported to Canada, US, Germany, Australia, Finland and Libya in various pack sizes, including 50 g and sharing packs of 150 g. Export packs include 66 cases and over.

Cheat clean – Kicher Kerl


KicherKerl are baked chickpea Speculoos cookies that do not contain cereals, sugar, fat and animal components.

Legumes are an important ingredient in the human diet, especially for vegetarian and vegans. They also score with their low glycemic index due to their complex carbohydrates. Chickpeas contain vitamin B1 and B6, folic acid, copper, iron and zinc.

The products use neither cornmeal nor sugar (sweetness comes from the natural sugar alternative xylitol), and no added fat.

The biscuits are high in fiber from psyllium husk (with provides around 3-4 more fiber than a conventional biscuit contain) and vegetable protein, low in fat (around 4g per 100g biscuit) and contain a natural sugar derived from wood, xylitol, which purportedly also has a tooth-conditioning effect.

Available in chocolate, Speculoos (a mixture of cardamom, clove and cinnamon), Gingerbread and Poppy Seed & Vanilla, ginger and protein cookies, KicherKerle have the consistence of small cakes rather than classic, crispy biscuits.

Dairy-free shortbread – Biscottee UK


Biscottee UK produces a range of shortbread biscuits, baked without using dairy products, making them ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

The biscuits comes in coffee and tea flavors, including Bis*Coffee Espresso Shortbread and Biscottea Earl Grey Shortbread, and the company is introducing a new fruit flavour range – including strawberry and matcha.

Available in 100 g gift hamper size, 160 g specialty retail packs and 20 g grab and go single serve selections (ideal for airlines).

Passionate about chips - Chipsbox


Chipsbox organic veggie chips are air-dried – not fried – packed in biodegradable packaging – not plastic.

The German company’s mission is to improve the world through the use of natural, organic ingredients that produce a snacks that is vegan and gluten-free and without any flavor enhancers.

The snacks combine a mix of potato, vegetable and fruit chips is a box and come in four flavors, including curry-flavored pineapple chips, smoked paprika potato chips, tomato & basic potato chips and potato and carrot chips with vinegar.

The Greek connection – Fedon S.A.

Bread rings

Fedon S.A. has been established since 1971, producing a range of baked goods like traditional Greek cookies, breadsticks, pies, chocolate sweets, palmier and twists, cakes and a range of traditional seasonal Greek confectionery products.

The company’s mainly supplies the Grecian retail market, including major supermarkets, bakery shops and vending machine distributors, and exports to the US, UK, Germany, Russia, Canada, France Sweden, Italy, China, Japan, Cyprus and Switzerland and Balkan countries.

Fedon will be displaying a number of its specialities at ProSweets, including its range of bread rings, available in sesame, multigrain, wholegrain and corn variants in 150 g packs.

Completely British – Artisan Biscuits

Elegant and English

Elegant & English are all-butter biscuits with subtle flavor combinations, designed to complement a cup of tea.

The UK bakery – a family bakery in the Derbyshire Peak District, founded over 70 years ago – is adding two new variants to the range (comprising Raspberries & Dark Chocolate and Lemon & Ginger) including Strawberries & Cream and Baked Apple & Custard.

Although Elegant & English are classic biscuits, the company has recently modernized its packaging, making them more of an everyday treat.

Artisan Biscuits also producers Miller’s, a range of crackers to partner cheese, pâté and dips, and The Fine Cookie Co. Coconut & Cherry Pie, and Gluten Free Cookies.

The bakery uses only butter, non-hydrogenated oil or extra virgin olive oil for its baked goods, with no artificial additives or preservatives.

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